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Whew!  I’m taking a deep breath and a break from DIY today and I’m sharing my Creative Wanderings on the Blogland Tour.

What’s the blogland tour??

It’s like the most amazing mindbending ride at your favorite amusement park for DIYer’s!

The tour takes you through other  DIY home blogs you might not already know.  Plus you just might learn more about why and how we create.  My friend Jamie, who blogs at Southern Revivals, invited me to ride along.  So hop on board the Blogland Tour ride, buckle up and please keep your hands and feet inside the buggy.

First stop is at Southern Revivals to visit with Jamie’s creativity on her Blogland Tour.  There is some amazing creativity going on at Southern Revivals.  I picked three of my favorites to share with you.  Jamie was picked for the Leviton Renu Challenge so I know you will want to follow along to see how lighting will transform her living room.

Headshot-small-e1407203506300Jamie is fun, unique and full of energy!  I love her hair!

Goat-Art4-682x1024I feel a kindred spirit with Jamie.  She fell in love with this goat and I would have too.  It hangs proudly in their dining room along with the sweetest cow.  It’s a great story about decorating with what YOU love…not matter what it is that you happen to love!

Table-BAHerringbone Table Top is a post that shows the creative side of thinking outside of the box.  What an easy way to change a dated table.  Many times DIY can be over thought.

BBR10 Jamie does a big boy room just right!  I love that this room is not childish and can grow for years.

Now it’s my turn to answer the following four questions.  Sharing my creative wanderings on the blogland tour.

What am I working on?

Hum, what am I not working on would be easier to answer!

If something sits around doing nothing here, I make it do something.  Change the color, cut it in half, repurpose it, make it work better in our cabin, solve a problem or just because I have a great idea!

Last month I joined a group of bloggers for a monthly Themed Furniture project.

Last month the theme was “Numbers.”

closet-chairs-country-design-styleThis month the theme is “decoupage.”  Here’s what I will be decoupaging, our closet chairs.  I picked WHAT I would decoupage BEFORE I decided the furniture to decoupage!

That’s backward from what most would do!  I wanted something unique to decoupage on furniture!  I think I found it!  Check back on the 28th to see it!

10-things-to-do-with-a-broken-spindle-sqMore things to do with a broken spindle.  I have a post on 10 things to do with a broken spindle and after my post published, I thought of more.

Here’s a sneak peek of one I posted.

love my chanty #DIY #chandelier #candlechandelierMy spindle chandelier will be added to the next collection along with…

Spiindles-country-design-stylea fun idea using these spindles that solves a problem in our guest bath.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like the DIY that solves a problem.  My dad always said, “There’s not a problem that can’t be solved.”

my-repurposed-desk-country-design-style-finishedProblem; I needed a place to blog and keep a few files mostly of torn magazine inspirations.  It had to be in our main living area, not tucked away in the office or upstairs.  Also, I wanted work to be outta sight when I wasn’t blogging.  So I repurposed my dining room buffet into my blogging desk.

I have a great view of the forest on two sides, can watch Homer on the front porch and can close up everything in 15 seconds!

hows your tv hanging https://countrydesignstyle.comHow’s your TV hanging?  This was ours in the master until…

How's your TV Hanging FP Country Design StyleI drew up plans and made this “TV shelf” with my grandson.

Got to start them early!

The cable box is inside the thick shelf.  The front drops down when we’re watching TV.  The TV is still hanging on the wall but we hung the shelf so it looks like the TV sits on top.

I also have a big heart for the Broken Pieces.  The leftovers and tossed out to the curb stuff and even the stuff that gets swept up in the dustpan of the workshop.

Scrap wood mantel http://countrydeisgnstyle.comAbove is the scrap wood mantel I made for our master bedroom and also in the photo is a scrap autumn leaf.

I really do pick out the scrap pieces from the dustpan!

DIY doesn’t have to stop when you finish the project.

Chalk Fire 3Sometime later I added chalkboard paint into the firebox area of the scrap wood mantel.  This makes for some unique ideas!

Why do I write/create what I do?


Keep my mind busy and sharp.  Not sure if the sharp part is working, but busy is working just fine.  Blogging is not easy.  I tend to DIY everything so I’ve built the website myself.


Would I be making DIY projects if I didn’t blog,


I’ve been fascinated by how to make that great thing in the store window for my home.  Even as far back as my Barbie and playhouse days.  Many times I find I just want to try to make something.

Like this…

shaggyottomanbeforeandafterbefore and after of a shaggy ottoman made when I was inspired by one in a home catalog.

Or to figure out how to make a spinning sign.

blogger sawblade sign #blogger #sign #vintageinspiredLike this blogger sign made from wood from an old cabinet and a rusty saw blade.  Yes, that’s burlap glued along the sides.

How does your writing/creating process work?

This question scares me.  It’s like how does my mind work??  Not really sure I want to know.

But here it goes.

My writing process; It’s lacking in the area of quality writing.  I don’t think blogging should be like reading a book or manual.  I love reading blogs that make me feel as though the blogger is talking to me as a friend.  That’s what I attempt to do here.  As well, I’m making an effort to tell the story of my creative wanderings in my blog posts.  I’m starting to develop tutorials that are not simply stepped by step instructions, but including how I decided on the project, figured out how to make it, and any story behind the project.  Including the mistakes!

Yep!  This DIY blogger makes mistakes!

 My creating process; This process is hard to nail down.  At times I grab a pad of paper and start designing something to fix a problem.  Other times I see something and can’t wait to make my own.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style FPI when to the mailbox and found beach hooks in a Room Service Home catalog.  As a result, I had these cabin hooks hanging on the wall in our cabin on Monday.

Then, there’s simply the time I want to try something.  Think outside of the box, for instance.

metal-stamps-on-wood-country-design-styleFor example, using metal stamping on wood.  This was done on a board to fit across our bathtub to hold the soap just last week.

Then, sometimes I simply can’t sleep. So designing in my head helps me fall back to sleep.  I design homes, furniture, and DIY projects.  If I’m lucky, I might remember them in the morning!

mixed with other candles #batterycandles #candles #lightingLike the idea for these chunky flameless candles in votive and 3-inch sizes.  More sizes to come!

My creative wanderings calm my mind.

Otherwise, I’d go nuts!

Make that nuttier!

Blogland Tour Continues

Likewise, the Blogland Tour continues to three more fun and energetic home DIY bloggers.  Please remain seated with hands and feet inside the buggy!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to 3 of my blogging friends.

LogoCollage- - SondraLynAtHome

Sondra Lyn at Home was born out of a desire to leave my mark on this world. After losing my Mother to cancer, everything around me changed… or maybe I did! I left my interior design job to follow the creative dreams that have always been a part of me. Oh, and to keep my little baby grandson!
This is my mantra:
Follow your dreams and your passions…
Love people…
Make things…
Nurture your creative side.
C’mon over and let’s visit awhile!


Meegan from What Meegan Makes is a self-taught DIYer. If she sees something she likes, she buys what she thinks she might need and creates her own (cheaper) version.  In the beginning, her thriftiness came out of necessity.  While she was raising 7 children, she needed to cut corners anyway she could.  Now her thriftiness is a passion.  Meegan fills her vintage, beach cottage home with “thrifted treasures”.  By the way, her home is in the Las Vegas desert-nowhere near the ocean.  Meegan enjoys cooking and oft times makes up her own recipes to share on her blog, as well.


Jessica – Designers Sweet Spot.  I am a former fashion designer turned homeschool mom.  I used to design lingerie, now I design anything and everything to make our home more beautiful.  Love gardening, cooking, homeschooling, sewing, DIY projects and decorating.  Living in America’s Dairyland of Wisconsin, we are grateful for God’s grace and forgiveness in all we do.  This is my world!

I hope you enjoyed your blogland tour ride and didn’t get too dizzy from all the DIY!

Please step carefully as you disembark from the cart!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a fabulous post. Thanks for including me on the tour. I LOVE Jamie and her style. All of your work is so impressive. I love your creative ways in and around your home. I can’t wait to share some of these ideas on my blog.
    Make it a beautiful day, Jeanette.

    1. Meegan, thank you for sharing on the blogland tour. I loved your post and am waiting to see the after of that thrift shop mirror. ~Jeanette

  2. So lucky to have found a link here from Pinterest…LOVE your site and style! The scrap wood mantel? Oh heavens…it’s just incredible! 🙂 You have such inspiring ideas and I can’t wait to see more! Thanks so much for the tour!

    1. Stefanie, I’m thrilled you found me on Pinterest! Hope you visit again soon. There’s a ton of DIY going on around here. Glad you enjoyed the tour. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend. ~Jeanette

  3. I am glad I found your website too! You have some really cool ideas/projects. I love finding new like minded friends. I like your writing style too. I like the “talking to a friend” feeling too. Also, the other guests on your blogger tour are super cool. I met Sondra Lyn and Jessica at Haven. Both super sweet…I had no idea Jessica used to design lingerie! So many creative ladies!

  4. Great tour! I’m enjoying reading all the different ones plus getting introduced to new blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Cecilia for stopping by. I love finding new and different blogs and inspirations. Have a safe holiday weekend. Jeanette

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