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Have you ever wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras at home, but don’t have time to make a king cake? This one is easy!

This is a quick way to make a king cake easy.

March 4 is Fat Tuesday.

I’ve never been to New Orleans until March when covid hit hard in the French Quarter. Yes, Mike and I walked around the shops, ate beignets, and danced to the street music. We returned to the motorhome and happened to catch the news while picking our next town to visit. New Orleans was a hot spot!!! Yikes! We decided to head home, stopping only for gas and quick sleeps. Thankfully, staying social distant traveling in an RV is easy. We spend 21 days quarantined at home. That was the recommended time to quarantine in the beginining. Thankful we’ve been lucky so far.

I have made a few king cakes.

This one is easy!

If you don’t know what a king cake is you can read about it here.

King Cake Easy-Babies

The king cake has a tradition of having a small baby inside.  I’ve only made one with a small plastic baby inside.  Everyone was taking such small bites and chopping at the cake afraid to bite down on a plastic baby and chipping a tooth.

Not a pretty sight!

Now I add a whole pecan or an orange section.

I make the colored sugar first.  I add a drop or two of green into one dish of sugar.  A couple of drops of yellow onto another dish.  Then a drop each of the red and blue to make purple in the last dish of sugar.  Then stir each one.

colored sugar in king cake colors of gold, green and purple.

I always do too much sugar!

pastry fan

Now for the easy but scary!

Open a can of crescent rolls!

Lay them out in a large circle on a cookie sheet.  Like a fan or star with the short points in the center.  Press the center circle down a little with your fingers.  Just enough to seal the seams.

King Cake Easy-4

Smear on a package of softened cream cheese on the center circle.

King Cake Easy-5

Shake cinnamon over the cream cheese.

King Cake Easy-6

Sprinkle on chopped nuts.

King Cake Easy-7

Add the “baby.”

King Cake Easy-8

Now start over lapping the longer points of the crescent over the center circle.  Continue all around the circle.

King Cake Easy-9

Next over lay the smaller points of the crescent.  This gives a star look to the king cake.  Brush top with melted butter.

King Cake Easy-9

I bake mine just as the instructions on the crescent can suggests.  Sometimes it takes a minute or two longer.  I just watch it closely.

While the king cake is cooling I mix a simple icing with powdered sugar and milk or water.  I make it thin enough to pour over the cake but thick enough not to run off the cake.

Then sprinkle each section of king cake with different colors of sugar.

Voila!  King cake easy!

Goes great with coffee…

or your drink of choice!

After all it is Mardi Gras!

Easy King Cake List of Ingredients

1 can crescent rolls

1 package cream cheese

1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

3/4 cup chopped nuts

1/3 cup butter melted

3/4 cup sugar divided into three small dishes

food coloring

1 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon water or milk

“baby” of your choice

But why a baby in a king cake?

The baby represents Jesus and is a way for residents to celebrate their Christian faith. If you get the baby, you buy or make next years cake. Or you might have to host next years Mardi Gras party!

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