PW Mercantile Store Tour

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PW-Mercantile-National-biscuit-co | Country Design Style |

Y’all wanta go on a tour of the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile Store?  Let’s go shopping…and get ideas from the stunning decor.

Meet me at the PW Mercantile store tour.

Mercantile store 2nd floor

PW-Mercantile-yum | Country Design Style |

Let’s start with food.  We’ll need the energy for shopping.  Mom and I had not only one but two PW cinnamon rolls.

PW-Mercantile-candy | Country Design Style |

I saw this with the eyes of a child.  WOW!  I would love an old board with those shelf brackets in our kitchen.  I love the large farmhouse labels on the jars.  My farmhouse style labels.

PW-Mercantile-butterfly-horse | Country Design Style |

A horse made from rusty butterflies.

Mercantile store 1st floor

PW-Mercantile-clothing | Country Design Style |

Clothes and jewelry.  I found several pieces.  One thing I noticed, she has tops for $30 on up to $80.  Prices for most any budget.  I love the crates full of necklaces and bracelets.

PW-Mercantile-plates | Country Design Style |

Fun display pieces.  I love this old pickup holding cutting boards.  I would love it on our front porch with Mike’s flowers in the bed.  The mercantile does gift wrapping and shipping!  My packages will arrive home before I do.

PW-Mercantile-home-goods | Country Design Style |

Pioneer Woman home goods and that cow picture!!!  I would like one of each!

PW-Mercantile-dreamy | Country Design Style |

Have you walked into a store and get inspiration overload??  This is overload!

PW-Mercantile-tour | Country Design Style |

This wall divides the restaurant and retail store.  Ree’s daughter works as the barista.  I have an idea for our home with the wood cutout flowers over on the left.  Can’t wait to get creative…after lunch.  Yes, there’s still long lines for lunch and some lines for breakfast.  The food is beyond description.  Plan to walk afterward.

PW-Mercantile-outside | Country Design Style |

Planning to visit??  The nearest hotels are in my hometown of Ponca City.  It’s 45 minutes west of Pawhuska.

If you have more questions ask in comments below.

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  1. Jeanette what is your maiden name? My best friend comes from Ponca. Her maiden name was Braden. Just wondering if you might have known her.
    Fun trip…I am an Okie as well and love it!


    1. Peggie, I’ve loved going to Pawhuska as long as I can remember. My uncle had a wheel alignment shop and my cousin is continuing the work there. We drove around Pawhuska and looked at the houses we remembered family living in. Sad to see some neglected. I hope the Mercantile helps Pawhuska’s economy.

  2. Hey a fellow Okie!! I grew up in Sand Springs outside of Tulsa and now live in Sapulpa. I haven’t been to the Mercantile yet. Am planning on trying to go sometime this summer when I have some time off. It looks like a fun place where I’ll spend way to much money and eat to many calories.

    1. I found them! Thank you, Gail! Mike suggested doing something like the wood flower wall in our kitchen. I’m going to do a photo makeover to see how it would look…first! Thanks for reading with me.

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