Rustic Wood Flag


Rustic-wood-flag-with-rope | Country Design Style |

This rustic wood flag is simply an idea that can be transformed into many colors or sizes.  I kept my small to share the idea on Periscope and natural in color to go with our home.

Please feel free to take this idea and make it your own.

There’s a speedy video too. {without a smashed thumb!}

You will only need a few minutes to make a

Rustic Wood Flag

Rustic-wood-flag-with-rope-and-twine ig2 | Country Design Style |

Above you can see I use different types of small nails.

Rustic-wood-flag-with-rope-and-twine ig1 | Country Design Style |

Here’s a close up of the star.  It’s just five nails.  One at the top.  Two at the bottom and two along the sides.  Then tie a piece of twine on the top nail.  Start wrapping the twine around the nails just like making a Star

Here’s the speedy video.  There’s no sound, although in the making of the video I was talking to Periscope followers.  We share DIY Tips and Easy DIY projects every week on Periscope and Facebook Live.

Rustic-wood-flag-with-twine | Country Design Style |

Here’s a link to the rustic flag painted in about 5 minutes in the photo above and to the fourth of July pinwheel.   The pinwheel post has a free printable for the red and blue mattress ticking and instructions to make a pinwheel that works!

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