Cabin Sparkles


Cabin smiles and lit #cabin #cabinlightsCabin sparkles?

Our cabin really sparkles at night!

I love coming home to our cabin anytime.  It’s warm, inviting, and cozy.

But coming home at night…

It sparkles!

Cabin sparkles at night. #cabin #cabinlights #cabinatnightThis cabin holds the things I hold dear to my heart.  As I walk up the lit path, I can’t wait to kiss my guy, “I’m home…”

and hear the dogs bark incessantly…

until they realize, “it’s mom!”

Inside there will be tufts of Homer’s hair where his German Shepherd fur tends to collect…

actually lot’s of tufts!

There’s likely a load of laundry that needs to go in the dryer…

after I remove the clothes from the dryer!

The TV will be on the financial or golf channel…

3 clicks of the remote volume button too loud.

If you look closely at the marble counter top there could still be paint drops from painting the drop cloth curtains.  Thankfully paint doesn’t stick to our counter tops…

so far!

There will be a least three of Bella’s dog toys in the living room floor between the coffee table and the shaggy ottoman just…

outta Homer’s path!

Just maybe, there’s a skillet soaking in sudsy water…

from my latest Pinterest recipe attempts!

cabin smiles #cabin #cabinlights #cabinatnightThe floors might be needing a good scrubbing, the mantel a dusting, and dog slobber dried on the front door glass clean until it sparkles.

cabin sparkles #cabin #cabinatnight #cabinsparkles

It’s all good!

I love the way our cabin sparkles at night, outside and…

specially inside! 🙂



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  1. Wow! Your home is beautiful… I’m in love with that statue, the foliage, the walk, the porch… oh, heck! I’m in love with it all! ha! So pretty!

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