19 Upcycled Birdcages

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19 Upcycled Birdcages is a new clipboard I curated for Hometalk.

19 Upcycled Birdcage Graphics Country Design Style

You can click on the graphic or click on 19 Upcycled Birdcages to see all 19 upcycled ideas for birdcages.  Then click on individual pictures to learn more about each upcycled project.

There’s so much more you can do with a birdcage than stick in a bird!

Would you believe one is so large you can get inside?

Plus my birdcage chandelier is in the collection:)

Hometalk Country Design Style

Hometalk is a community of people who love everything home related.  Best of all you do not need a website to post photos of your garden, ask a professional how to ??, or get a spark of inspiration by the zillion ideas.  Plus it’s freeeeee!

Can you come up with more ideas?  Let me know in comments if you’ve tried something different than those I collected.  If you’re already a member of Hometalk, post up a photo of your upcycled birdcage.  If not, sign up.  Promise you won’t regret it, I call it Pinterest for homes.  Oh, and while you’re there follow me!

Disclaimer:  I’m just a champion of Hometalk and all the positive upbeat members.  I do not receive any compensation from Hometalk.

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