Christmas Tree Dress Form


Christmas Tree Dress Form fp | Country Design Style |

If you’re looking for something different for your holiday decorating, this could be it!  Maybe even if you’re looking something different to wear!

Although, it might be itchy!

Christmas Tree Dress Form

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Christmas Tree Dress Form 1 | Country Design Style |

I found this dress form at a home decor store years ago.  It has several layers of paint.  I’m the one that keeps painting it.  Although for this look I was okay with the color.  If you’re looking for a dress form for display or sewing I found these on Amazon.

Christmas Tree Dress Form first branch| Country Design Style |

I started with a piece of fake garland that’s been well used over the years. I cut it into 8-inch pieces. Or there about. Is hard to measure garland. On one end I made a hook in the wire. Then hooked the garland in the belt.

If you have a dress form without a belt, you can tie a piece of twine to hook the piece of garland.

Christmas Tree Dress Form short dress | Country Design Style |

I could have used more well used garland to make a longer dress…but with those beautiful curves on that leg, I want to show it off!

Christmas Tree Dress Form second branch| Country Design Style |

When I was pulling out the garland from the plastic bin, a pine bush came out with it.

Christmas Tree Dress Form filled | Country Design Style |

So, I cut it into pieces and added them for more texture to the dress.

Christmas Tree Dress Form belted | Country Design Style |

For the belt, I went farmhouse and added burlap ribbon. The knot is in the back and tucked between the metal.

Christmas Tree Dress Form with top | Country Design Style |

For a soft glow at night, I added battery lights and tucked them around the pine needles.

Just to class up the dress I added a scrap of rick-rack over the burlap ribbon. Plus I love saying rick-rack.

Christmas Tree Dress Form lights | Country Design Style |

So she didn’t go out in the internet world topless, I gathered up a scrap piece of toile fabric and stuffed it down her neck.

Christmas Tree Dress Form ready| Country Design Style |

For all the years I have this dress form, this is the first time I’ve dressed her.. yep she usually just standing around naked, but at least she’s been different colors.

Funny side story

I once had a neighbor with a goose statue next to the front door. Each morning the goose got a new outfit. If it was a rainy day it wore a yellow slicker. It had several flowery dresses. It had more clothes that I did. But it was fun to drive or walk by to what the goose was wearing that day.  But please, I hope I don’t get to that extreme with my dress form.

More Ideas to decorate a dress form

  • Add necklace or other jewelry
  • Use a chocker for a belt
  • Cover the top with garland
  • Arrange the garland to the floor and add a star for a top for a Christmas tree shape

I would love to name her. Got any ideas?

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  1. What a cute idea, I have a desk sized dress form and I’ll have to see if there are and small enough pine branches to use.
    Great idea! Thanks

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