Decking the Cabin

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I’ve finally finished decking the cabin in rustic style for the holidays.

I know as a DIY blogger I should have had it done the day after Thanksgiving…

but at least it’s finished this year before Christmas!

I do keep it simple and rustic since it will only be Mike, the dogs and I.

But I do have the most adorable snowman ever!!!

And you can make one too in about 5 minutes!

I’m also pinning away Rustic Christmas ideas on Pinterest!  If you’re not following on Pinterest you can follow me here and join the fun.  Note:  As you might guess from my late Christmas decorating, I’m not the most organized person. :/  I’m starting to pin organization help for next year.  If you need help in this area…follow me!



The spindle angels were added to the mantel along with the chunky votive battery candles.  In the evening, I wanted the candle lights at different levels.  One candle is inside a mercury cup while the other mercury cup is turned upside down to hold the candle higher.



The scrap wood trees are displayed among bottle brush trees and a mercury glass tree.  Click to see how I made the scrap wood trees.  They were different but fun to make!



My rustic box is decked out for Christmas and sitting on the mantel seat.  I also added some chunky tea light candles.  The photo in the bottom is mom and I at my first Christmas.  Vintage bulbs, a white bottle brush tree and a spring turned Christmas tree holds a candle.

For steps on making a rustic box click here. 

I also used the rustic box for my 40 things about me post.

I would love to know 40 things about each follower!!!

I might have the opportunity next year…see the P.S. below!


Three vintage insulators sit on a piece of wood with a small battery light string gathered inside.  I used pine branches to hide the wires.



I received this manger set years ago from a store owner.  I sold home decor items to the store, made custom mantels and wood valances, and painted or repaired many fun items.  The wood shed was simply leftover molding pieces.  I love the simplicity of this set.



I also love the simplicity of bottle brush trees, even those that are bent from year long storage in a box!

Drippy paint and rustic stars!

Now for that adorable snowman!!!


This is totally my favorite Christmas thing I’ve made this year.  He is simply an mason jar filled halfway with Epson salt.  Plus a clear plastic ornament again filled halfway with more Epson salt.  I happened to have a small plastic hat from a melted snowman but you could top him with the ring from the jar.  Paint the ring black and add a card stock brim.  Or a Christmasy sock turned stocking cap would be sweet!  I hot glued four buttons.  Two for eyes and two as buttons.  Then keeping it rustic I tied on a burlap scarf.

I love little “Henry the snowman!”



Okay I’m ready…bring on Christmas!

When did you get your Christmas decorating done?

I would love tips on getting it done earlier!  Got any?  Let me know in comments below.

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Each month we will make a project or learn a technique online.  You can share by video and chat by text or mic.  The e-class last one hour each.

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    yea what laura said ha ha am i signed up? i have enjoyed your posts so much this year and look forward to next year merry Christmas xx

  2. P.S. If I am already signed up for your emails am I automatically registered for the class? Would love to join in !

  3. Jeanette I love your rustic Christmas decor and that snowman is adorable! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful and restful Christmas!

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