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This picture hanging idea starts in the garden. There’s nothing better than an afternoon snapping green beans on the front porch.

pile of vintage garden tools

Running around a garden and occasionally picking green beans does not make a gardener. Grandma and Grandpa had a large garden on the farm that fed the family of eight. Mason jars filled with vegetables lined wood shelves in the cellar. I planned to always have a garden. What I didn’t realize, I have a brown thumb. I can barely make a two-foot container of herbs grow. So instead, I collect vintage garden tools.

This is a fun idea for a gallery wall in the mudroom or entryway. Take a gander at old garden tools on your next trip to the thrift store. Look for any that can hold a frame.

Garden tools for picture hanging

garden tools

It’s surprising how many tools can hold a frame. Of course, you need to make sure the garden tool can hang on the wall. Most have holes in the handle for hanging or straps to hang.

vertical gallery wall


Even the broken head of the rake head hangs on a nail where the metal meets the handle.


Hang the rake with the teeth facing out to hold a frame in place. A rake head is perfect for holding paintbrushes while drying. I use one in the workshop for brushes.

Hand rake

hand rake

The hand rake holds my broken pieces mend stronger print. Here’s another idea for the hand rake. Hang a frame with wire in the back from the tines, like the chalkboard.


shovel with chalkboard

A trowel holds the frame along the top edge of the blade. Again a picture with wire or twine could hang from the tool the same way.

vertical wall

You can make a gallery wall with garden pictures and garden tools. Other garden tools added to the gallery wall make an exciting collection.

tools and gallery wall

I did not use glass in the frame with the image of the broken pieces. If I need to cut glass for the frame, this is how I would cut it.

I do suggest using lightweight frames when using this picture hanging idea with garden tools.

You can grab my art of display for hanging wall art here. I didn’t include garden tools as a picture hanging idea!

I guess I use garden tools the wrong way. I’ll go back to picking green beans.

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