Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign

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Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign Vintage Inspired | Country Design Style |

Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign

There’re times when my dyslexia shows.

Thankfully I decided to use chalk instead of paint this morning.

I rewrote with chalk what I thought was “farmhouse” three times!!


Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign Oops | Country Design Style |

This is the long chalkboard made many years ago.  The chalkboard part is plywood.  Plywood is not the best for chalkboard because you can see the grain of the wood.  But it does give a vintage look for a farmhouse chalkboard sign.

Should I say, “famrhouse” chalkboard sign!

Using chalk, I laid out the lettering with a tape measure.  First, I made line letters.  Then laying the chalk on the side I formed the line lettering into block letters.  Then I outlined the block letters…and then I noticed….Argh!

Be honest, did you notice how I spelled farmhouse above?  Let me know in comments.

I didn’t notice until I got the sign hung way up above our kitchen cabinets. ⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑

Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign SQ | Country Design Style |

For the last step…I erased the M and R and added R and M.Since the chalkboard has been around for awhile, I almost grabbed white paint.  Thankfully I decided to go with chalk.

Since the chalkboard has been around for awhile, I almost grabbed white paint.  Thankfully I decided to go with chalk.

Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign for the kitchen | Country Design Style |

The top of our cabinet was a bit cluttered.  The cluttered look might be because the two pictures would never hang straight.  So down they came.

Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign | Country Design Style |

Up when my “farmhouse” chalkboard sign…spelled correctly. 😀

Dyslexia is a language-based learning challenge.  I had never heard of dyslexia until in my late 20’s.  I’ve not been tested for it and only occasionally switch letters or numbers around.  Thankfully I never had a passion for being an accountant.

Farmhouse Chalkboard Sign pin | Country Design Style |

You can see my other chalkboard projects in this nifty spiffy slider below!

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More farmhouse decor coming soon to our kitchen.

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  1. Wow, this looks awesome! The chalkboard definitely suites the Farmhouse look well and it looks great with the rest of the kitchen decor! Nicely done! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This one was funny ??? I love signs. I made small chalk signs for my bathroom to let guests know which hand towels to use ( all in one basket) and the other one for where to put the really wet ones ( an empty basket) because all the others ( I love towels lol ) are nice and just for decor… Well it looks like guests read USE ALL and have fun making a mess… Maybe a need a big chalkboard to write a manual LOL!!

    1. Oh and btw thank you so much for those Random Acts of DIY kindess, I love those printables ❤️ They are adorable! That’s really kind !

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