House of Cards is Falling Due to House of DIY!

Sharing helps others too!


This blog is my passion.  My readers are friends.  I wish you could stop by to hang out on the front porch.

We could grab a favorite drink, hot, cold, virgin or spiked and swing away on the porch swing.

Discussion would lead to DIY ideas, questions, junk shopping and how to do this or that.  Life, work and distance is getting in the way of our porch swing time.

Until now….

Have you heard of periscope?  It’s a social media video app for our phone.

I rolled my eyes too.

 I’m a blogger that doesn’t like social media.  Eek!  The two go hand in hand.  Pinterest I love and now Periscope is getting close to the “it’s awesome” box!

You can read more about Periscope here and get all the scoop on Periscope!

Plus, see one of my “scopes” and the cool template I learned to do on Periscope!

So, how does this app get you on our front porch swing?

Simply download the app {it’s free} and follow me on Periscope.  You can find me at @countrydsgnstyl or CountryDesignStyle Jeanette.

Then when I broadcast live you get notified.  Then click over and we can live chat, discuss paint colors, tour rooms, and swing on the porch swing.


Yep, I've rubber band my phone to my tripod! Country Design Style

Ugh!  I’m even showing my braces and rubber banding my phone to the tripod!

Two things I never dreamed I would do.

On Periscope now is a quick video I made with what I learned and did last week on Periscope. Periscope fun!


See you on the front porch swing.  I’ll let you swing. 🙂

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  1. Hi, Jeanette…love your blog and all your projects. I’m buying a house (closing tomorrow) and wanting to make it “countryfied”. I’m sure I’ll be using a lot of your tips and ideas on my projects. I only problem will be; which one do I want to start with first, lol… maybe I’ll start with a front porch swing! Have a great!

    1. Congrats on your new house!!!! I started with a front porch swing. Thank you for the compliment. It’s sorta strange because we live in a cabin style and I blog about farmhouse style. But I figure you can “countryfied” any style home! Jeanette

    1. Anne, it does take a brave woman to wear braces! I sorta did it on a whim. Fingers crossed they come off next month. 😀 I’m proud of you for going for it. I hope to chat LIVE with you on Periscope. I’m not great at it, but I’m having fun. Plus it’s a great supplement to the website. Thanks for the compliment too! ~Jeanette

  2. this periscope may be the only reason i wish i had a smarter phone… i can’t instagram or take pics and download into pc all my phone does is call or text wahhhh xx

    1. Chris, I’m sharing some of my “scopes” on the website too. Periscope is so fun because I’m seeing my followers and other blogging friend in a more natural state. Not that we don’t work hard to be natural on the website, but typing and reading just isn’t the same as live interactive video.

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