Making Vintage Signs

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Vintage inspired signs are popular.  Hugely popular.  Vintage sales, antique markets, or junk markets are filled with vintage-inspired signs.

Here in Arizona, we have a Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market a couple of times a year.  I go every time.  Every time the booth with vintage-inspired signs is the busiest booth of all!

I will be sharing tips for making vintage signs easy.  Follow the tips and let’s make money too!

The Junk in the Trunk is the best vintage market we have in Arizona.   You can see photos here and here and here.



The workshop

The workshop is free to all subscribers to Country Design Style.  We do an online workshop once a month.  Learned a new technique or make a project.  If you’re not a subscriber…why not??  We have a great time.  You can join us by clicking here.

What is it about vintage signs they we adore? I'm hosting an online workshop to share easy tips to creative vintage inspired DIY sign in farmhouse style. Click to read more and register for the free webinar. Country Design Style

This is just one of the signs your can make during the workshop.  All attendees will have several templates and techniques to make different signs.


Fleur de lis drawn years ago on a piece of wood. Now I finally drew it on the computer. Click to read more. Country Design Style

One of the templates will have a fleur de lis I drew on the piece of wood about 18 years ago.

I don’t toss anything!

My fleur de lis drawn on computer to use in making vintage inspired signs. Click to read more and sign up for the free webinar workshop on easy sign making tips. Country Design Style

But I never know when I just might finally use it! 🙂  I drew it out on the computer.

Update sign

We are learning to make vintage inspired signs on our next workshop. Want to join us? This sign I just finished and had to add. Country Design Style

Okay, I normally do not update a recent post with a totally new image…but I had to share this French Market sign with my little fleur de lis.  Took 15 minutes to make.


I use a website called Big Marker for the workshops.  I like it because it’s easy for readers to join the webinar.  There is nothing for readers to download from Big Marker.  Plus you can set up your mic and camera and share your projects as you’re creating!  How fun is that!!!

You can read more about the Design Workshops here.

All attendees receive a list of supplies to complete the project a week before each workshop.  I truly hope you join us and find the DIY in you!

See you online!

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  1. I so hate I missed the workshop! Forgot all about it and this is one of my next projects to do. Thank you so much for all the info you give. I cant wait to try the sign project today.

    1. Regena, thank you for commenting. Today I working on the next webinar for next Thursday the 24th. It’s burlap leaves!!! I hope you can join us. I would love to see your sign! You can always send in pictures by clicking “share your project” along the left side. 🙂

  2. Rats, will not be near a computer on that day…maybe next time!

    Haha, when you were talking about Junk in the Trunk sale, I envisioned cars in a parking lot with their trunks full of junk to sale. How fun would that be?

  3. Jeanette, I am fairly new to your blog and I have to say it’s AWESOME! I LOVE your projects you share..I’ve jumped right in with both feet! 😀 Thanks SO MUCH for having such a fun interactive blog. I’m passionate about crafting and DIY like you are, so it’s a blast for me!!! I’m also on Instagram…I am rustyjunk143. Glad you mentioned that Beth! I am SUPER excited to make one of these signs…already signed up. Thanks again!

    1. Amy and Beth, I’m following you both on instagram too! You will have a blast with the Design Workshops! More info coming today too! 😀

  4. Wow, Jeanette, love this idea! Thanks! Hey, I’m on Instagram, are you? I’ll need to look you up. My name (or handle or whatever you call it) is @upyonderdesigns.

    1. Hi Beth…so glad you mentioned Instagram. I’m new to it…just got my 1st smartphone-ha! I’m using it mostly for sharing decorating around my house, DIY, craft projects, flowers, etc. Would you mind if I added you? Of course, if you’d like, you can add me also. 🙂

    2. Beth and Amy! This is incredible! Just what I’m working to make Country Design Style. A creative, happy and inspiring place to have fun! You will love the Design Workshops!!!! I’m on instagram as CountryDesignStyle. Just starting following you both!

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