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themed furniture makeover dayLove numbers?

Well you’ve come to the right place, because today is a numbered themed furniture makeover day.

A group of bloggers have been busy working on furniture makeovers with a number theme to share with our readers.  You can click away on the images below to visit and share all the makeovers.

thrift shop table #repurposedfurnitureSo this is all about numbers and starts with one thrift shop table for $16 and one sweet little dog.

Bella needs a place in our master to keep her bed.  Something up off the floor and with texture so the bed doesn’t slide off when she jumps in.

numbered table #repurposedfurnitureNow for the mid-century people who love 50’s furniture, I’m sorry, but I took the top shelf off!  Eak!

Then my two nephews helped me glue ten different house numbers around on the top. 0 through 10.

There’s no going back now!

shims and numbers numbered table #repurposedfurnitureThe three of us started gluing and cutting two packages of shims in two different sizes.

Hundreds of them!

laid out with shims numbered table #repurposedfurnitureOkay, really about twenty five! 🙂

painting numbered table #repurposedfurnitureWe used four sponge brushes and coated the shims and numbers with creamy white paint.  Three coats.

Shims soak up the paint!

table top numbered table #repurposedfurnitureFifteen minutes of sanding with a palm sander and we’re done with our numbered table.

numbered table numbered table #repurposedfurnitureOh, we painted the four legs too!

bella with bed numbered table #repurposedfurnitureThen we promptly covered up all our work with that one sweet dog!

This will do until I get a real bed made for Bella.  Then the numbered table will find it’s home on our front porch.

numbered table pin numbered table #repurposedfurnitureI have one more number for you…

fifty six!


Is fifty six too old for braces?

Look at what I did today!  Eak, again!

Now let’s go check out the numbered furniture projects together.


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    1. Mary Beth Lol! Mike says the same thing {but his eyes are rolling to the back of his head at the time!} ~Jeanette

  1. Creative! Love the idea of adding the shims around the numbers! Such a fun tour & so excited to join in with you all next month 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I love this!!! I have so got to try a project with shims! Love the texture it adds!!! You are rocking the braces!!! I got mine off 2 years ago at 43! I wore as a teen, but teeth shifted! Hope the pain isn’t too bad! I was miserable for about 2 weeks! Good luck with it! ~Christy

    1. Christy, the shims were easy to work with. The braces are uncomfortable and eating is impossible! But I needed to lose a few pounds anyway! Have a fantastic weekend! ~Jeanette

  3. Jeanette, that came out awesome! I love that you painted it all out in white, fantastic job 😉 I’m sure Bella appreciates it too!

    1. Dria, Yep, nothing like Bella jumping up into bed and it sliding out from under her! Now no problem! Enjoy your weekend. Love the tour! ~Jeanette

  4. Jeanette I know that must’ve taken a lot of patience (even with helpers) but it turned out so unique and awesome! I never would have thought of that- way to think outside the box! 🙂

    1. Jen, thanks for the compliment! I love this tour and wondering why I didn’t join sooner. ~Jeanette

    1. Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Bella is loving her table to sleep on. Fun tour! Have a creative weekend! ~Jeanette

    1. Lol Kathy, I don’t think I would have started this project without their help. It was sorta like putting together a puzzle…but we could cut the pieces to fit! ~Jeanette

    1. Bella is one spoiled dog! Thanks for stopping by Therese. I’m gotta need some luck with these braces! Right now I thinking what have I got myself into now!!! :/

  5. You are so creative! I love how you embedded numbers into the table top.

    Good luck with your braces! I got retainers this winter and am wearing them right now!

    1. Thank you Paula. I was stumped on what to do for the numbered tour and about Bella’s bed so I combined the two. I can’t wait to get to the retainer stage. Right now I starting to wonder, “what have I done??” Eating is not fun…but I could lose some weight!! Lol!

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