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What was your most filling job?

Not the most paying job, but the one that gave you a good feeling right down to your toes.

Having just finished up a good feeling job, it got me thinking about ways to help others that fit your skill levels.

There are a lot of things I can’t do, but I can work through a decor problem.

It makes you feel get to put your skills to work to help others.

Especially others with four legs.

Volunteering DIY

This is not a tutorial post, but an inspirational volunteering DIY post.  With a little problem solving tossed in.  My dad always said, “There’s not a problem that can’t be solved.”


If you’ve read much here you know I help our local Humane Society with fundraising events.  Our community raised enough to build a new safer building to care for the animals that share our journey and need a temporary home.  They do incredible work.  One thing that was missing was a place to hold merchandise for sale.  Things like t-shirts, hats, and bags.  They will be adding additional goodies to buy like leashes, collars, and bowls.

The fire extinguisher

Space is limited.  Cleaning is important, especially the floors.  So a merchandising cabinet that hangs on the wall would be perfect. Problem:  the only wall available has a fire extinguisher right in the middle.  Fire extinguishers have to be placed to code.

So in solving the problem, I designed a cabinet to fit around the fire extinguisher.


Above I’m planning to add decorative molding along the top.  Dogs and cat-like decorative molding…

they told me. 🙂

Making a cabinet for our local Humane Society to display merchandise such as t-shirts and caps for sale. Helping the puppies and kitties is my best way...DIY! Country Design Style

The Lobby

The walls in the lobby are yellowish.  The signage and trim in the room is dark brown.  The cabinet was almost painted dark brown.  Then I thought, “it needs to be bright and let the merchandise pop.”  So I painted it white.  Notice the silver hinges above?  That’s where a little door will cover the fire extinguisher.



A little door with a sweet dog sniffing the fire hydrant extinguisher {go with me on this} and…

Making a cabinet for our local Humane Society to display merchandise such as t-shirts and caps for sale. Helping the puppies and kitties is my best way...DIY! Country Design Style

an adorable cat playing with a knothole.

The cabinet filled with great merchandise.


Thank you to the volunteers that hung the cabinet.

I stopped by to fill it with the merchandise they had.  Aren’t those pillow dog houses the cutest??  When you unzip the door a stuffed doggy pops out.


Gives me a good feeling in my toes. 😀

Dad, I did it!

What job gave you a good feeling in your toes??  Let me know below.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Trina Bertoldi says:

    Volunteering is soo much fun! I volunteer in our local women’s hospital in the NICU with the tiny babies! It is what I was born to do! Taking care and rocking them when they need a cuddle is so rewarding. These sweet precious babies are so innocent and pure and I feel God’s Blessing on them as I rock and sooth them. It’s a happy day when they are strong enough to go home to their family!

    1. Thank you Trina for the comfort you give the sweet little babies. Thank you for telling me about the care you give. Giving makes a happy life. Jeanette

  2. I retired two years ago. I volunteer for an Animal Group that offers low cost vaccines and microchipping. We also raise money for food and medicine for animals. One day a week, during the school year, I read to two different classes in a grammar school. I also volunteer for a group that holds a mini “Special Olympics” every year. I am having a ball!

    1. Patty, isn’t retirement a blast??? From my heart, thank you for what you do for the animals and the people in your community. Thank you so much for filling my heart today. Jeanette

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Again, Jeannette, you are amazing. Thank you…we have two rescues. Precious little bundles of fur (actually our children) that wouldn’t be with us if it weren’t for people like you.

    1. As a dog rescue volunteer and supporter, thank you. I can’t even imagine what a difference you have made with your display. Rescue is expensive and you have certainly done your part!

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