5 Unique Tips for Painting a Chair


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Do you enjoy painting?

I love to paint.  I thought mixing paint would be a fun job.  You know back when they didn’t use computers and mixed by those measuring thingamajigs.

Of course, most people wouldn’t want the color I would mix up!!

“Just try an extra drop of blue!”

It’s exciting opening a new can of paint and see all the lushness.

I could drink it!  And almost do! 

My chair painting tips are unique.  I’ve painted a bunch of chairs in my lifetime and hopefully have much more to paint.

On to the tips


1.  Get the chair up on a table.  This isn’t because of my age!  Really, it’s not!  Putting a chair up at eye level to paint is something I did in my twenty too!

2.  Paint smaller pieces to larger pieces.  I start painting the smaller rungs.  Then paint the front legs.  Next, the back rungs.  Then the back long legs.  Ending with the seat and if the back has a large piece, I paint it last.

3. Paint with your favorite music.  Painting a chair causes you to contort into some unique positions.  Like the way I dance!  Why not add music??

4.  Use the right size brush.  Anytime I start to paint something Mike says, “You need a bigger brush!”  That why I don’t let him paint. 🙂

How many times have you dipped your brush in your coffee cup?? I've stopped counting. I couldn't paint my DIY projects without coffee. More chair painting tips on the website. Click to read more. Country Design Style

5.  Grab your favorite drink.   You’re going to be painting for a while.  Chairs just take time.

Bonus tip:  Don’t dip your paint brush into your drink!   I don’t know how many times I’ve done it….

but it’s a bunch!!!! :/

5 Chair painting tips for your diy upcycled chairs. Plus unique tips I do when painting furniture. Country Design Style

One other quirk I have when painting, is I like to have pockets.  Because when I paint, usually with my left hand, I put my right hand in my pocket.


Got any paint quirks??

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  1. I only starting doing this a couple years ago, but it works great. First I turn the chair upside down and paint it. I call it painting where the sun don’t shine, lol. Then I flip it over and paint it again, I don’t know how many times I would show off a chair and someone would say “You missed a spot”, it was like everyone was searching for a mistake, haven’t heard that in a long time now.

  2. I always attach small screws to the bottoms of the legs to keep the piece up and off the drop cloth or newspaper. I do this on solid surface pieces as well.

    1. Great idea Nancy! I’m going to try that next time. I usually just paint right on the drop cloth unless it’s a solid surface then I use scrap pieces of wood. That works except for where the piece sits on the wood. Thank you so much! Love my readers!!!! <3 Jeanette

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