Deflate Gate Bread


So this post is misnamed.  It should be overinflated bread!

But with all the hoopla over deflated footballs, I went with deflate gate bread.

If you want some yummy bread to go with your super bowl feast, this is buttery and easy!

I make the food for the super bowl and watch the commercials.

For the past three years, I’ve tried to become a football fan…

Deflate gate bread


I do love the football food.

Want some yummy bread to go with your super bowl feast? This is buttery and easy!

When watching the game, I usually cheer for anyone with the ball!  Finally, I picked a team to cheer for after spending 2 1/2 agonizing minutes trying to pick the best team for me.

More on that below!

Let’s get to the buttery bread!

The ingredients:

Frozen yeast rolls  {I used 13 for my football.  Just add more to the ends for more people or make two}

Non-stick spray

1/2 stick of butter

1/2 package of ranch dressing mix {I’ve used the ranch dip mix in the past too}

1 teaspoon garlic salt

Few slices of white onion


1.  Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray.  Lay 13 rolls in a football shape.  Tear off 2 pieces of aluminum foil about 15 inches long.  Fold several times to get two strips about 1 1/2 inches high.  Spray one side of the foil.


2.  Form about the football and fold the ends of the foil to seal.  Make sure the non-stick spray is on the inside.  Spray a piece of clear wrap to cover and find a warm place in the kitchen to let the football inflate!

Mike kept reshaping my football for me.


3.  In a few hours the football…inflates to the perfect PSI!!!!  🙂

4.  Cut a slice of onion {yuck, I’m not an onion fan!  In fact, I like football more than onions!}  I’ll be eating the bread along the edges!   With rubber gloves, place the onion in crisscross laces pattern.  Okay, maybe you will not need the rubber gloves, but I don’t even like touching onions!


5.  Bake according to the package directions.  My package stated 350 degrees for 15 minutes.


6.  Just before the rolls are done, melt the butter and stir in 1/2 package of ranch mix.


7.  Brush the tops of the hot football rolls while hot with the butter.  Sprinkle with garlic salt.  You could add the garlic salt to the melted butter, but I like the salt sitting around on top of the football. 🙂

Want some yummy bread to go with your super bowl feast? This is buttery and easy!

EAT!  Notice the butter pooling around the crevices of the rolls!  YUM!  Finger licking deflated football bread.

Want some yummy bread to go with your super bowl feast? This is buttery and easy!

My football pick

Now for those 2 1/2 agonizing minutes.

My family is major football fans.  Each has their OWN team. I cheer for whoever has the football!  I wanted my own team, so I made a list of all the “leftover” teams.  Since I love animals, teams with animal names were crossed off.  No Detroit, no Seattle, and no Philly.  Baltimore was crossed off not because of the ravens, but that ugly font!  I also wanted a town or state I would love to visit.  Wait I would love to visit New Orleans.  The logo is a fleur de lis!   Plus the name, “Saints” they have to be saintly.  Okay, maybe not.

The New Orleans Saints, my team!

One year the talk was getting vicious!  Of course, vicious for my family is to say, “Your gotta eat crow!”  I actually made a crow pie for one of the family game events.  The worse team got the crow pie!


My disclaimer:  No crows were added to this crow pie!


Will you be watching the game or the commercials?

Who’s your team?

I’ve got the crow pie this year!

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  1. Hi I have been a STEELERS fan since the 80’s…Thanks so much for bread recipe…will add more onions tho

  2. I have never used this dough stuff before. Just last night I went to the store for ice cream and say the dough I’ve seen people use in some recipes. Now you toss this recipe down the field. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to try it out. Sounds like it would be great for pasta night too.
    Thanks Barbara Ann

    1. This type of dough is great and so easy. I’ve been using it for years. Sometimes I do get out my grandma’s bread recipe and make it, but not often enough to get good at it. Bread and ice cream…my 2 favorite foods! ~Jeanette

  3. I love anything that has buttery bread! I LOVE college football but don’t care for the NFL. I will watch but more for the commercials!

    1. Laura, my brother is a huge football fan and just starting watch college a couple of years ago. He said he love the passion and how hard they work at the game. I track the scores of Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeanette

  4. chris aka monkey says:

    yum this sounds so good i think i will use bacon for the laces cause onions do not sound good to me either thanks for sharing…i love football my team is the tn titans but they sucked this year so i will be rooting for not the cowboys or the patriots crap i will not cheer but i do love the ads xx

    1. Chris, why didn’t I think of bacon. I love bacon! I’m making the bread again on Sunday using bacon laces!

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