Mantels and Fireplaces

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mantels and fireplaces Summer’s not even thinking about leaving, and I’m doing a post about mantels and fireplaces!

But think about it, the back to school displays will be a pile of debris in the next few weeks.  What comes after that…

fall decorations mixed with a ton of Halloween.

So, it’s time to at least start thinking about the mantel.  Removing that stack of summer romance novels and dusting off the sand from the shells collected from vacation.

To help get you in the mood I’ve collected some mantel and fireplace post of my favorite DIY home bloggers. on the Way is a website chalked full of stunning photos that Leslie takes to share with her readers…and me!  There is something about her photography that grabs me and doesn’t let go.  I think it’s her skill with bokeh.  I understand that to be the beautiful blurry part of the photo.

Anyway, Leslie can pull together the simplest of items and display them beautifully.  Click the photo to see Leslie’s easy mantel style. and I would have a blast if only we lived closer!  I could have called my blog  Girl in the Garage too!  I get the feeling there’s nothing Jen will not try in the DIY world.  On the mantel shelf above she even sewed jute cord.

Click of the photo to get most creative and inexpensive fall ideas for your mantel. Redoux is Shanna’s website where she restores and redoes furniture pieces and rooms.  It’s cool how she can take a non fall color and simply make it fall!

Would you believe those pumpkins are real?  Click her fireplace to see how Shanna did the pumpkins and chevron pattern. love the rustic wood on Angie’s fireplace from Postcards from the Ridge!  But this same fireplace has two more versions!  Click on over and see which is your fav.  My favorite item is in all the versions.

Can you guess what it is? blogs at  Mrs. Hines Class and her website is a wealth of information on home decor and decorating.  Once you get your mantel cleared of summer, pop on over for tips on decorating your mantel.

While there take a moment and see what more you can learn about decorating in Mrs. Hines Class. The very busy and active Paula blogs and shares her creativity at Virginia Sweet Pea.  I love the placement of the round table in front of her fireplace.  Paula used family treasures to decorate her mantel for fall.

Click on that table to see more of Paula’s room and fireplace. Christy lives in the southern home of my dreams and shares her home at  Our Southern Home.  This awesome cottage mantel was designed by Christy and done on a budget.  The home was on the market and I sure it sold due to this mantel!

Click on over to see how she did it.  You will not believe the before! who has a fun and decorative website called Artsy Chicks Rule actually shares the process over the years of this beautiful fireplace transformation and the location of the TV.

The before and after is incredible!  Click to see the changes over time. you’re looking around your home and thinking, “but I don’t have a mantel,” not to worry.  My good friend Meegan at What Meegan Makes has the perfect answer.

Hang mantel shelves.

Meegan uses these shelves and displays colors, textures and seasonal items.  Click to see how she ties everything in the room to her “mantel.”

My inspired mantel #mantelThat brings me to the faux {fake} mantel I made for our master bedroom using scrap wood and bits and pieces of anything broken.  You can see I’m starting to get it ready for fall.

At least on the right side!

keeping it real https://countrydesignstyle.comKeeping it real!  This is our mantel and fireplace in our living room.  Notice no stacks of summer romantic novels or sand from sea shells.  I didn’t even do anything for summer here!  So, all I have to do is dust and tuck in some fall leaves.

But you know me…

I have something out of the box for this mantel with some of the inspiring ideas from my blogger friends.

mantels and fireplaces pin

I’m sure you collected some great ideas for your mantels and fireplaces too.

If you wish you may share your mantels or fireplace by clicking the “share your projects” over there along the right column.

Hope to see your mantel too.


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    1. Thanks you Nancy for joining the group. I’m amazed by the changes you did with your mantel. Enjoy a relaxing weekend! ~Jeanette

  1. Such beautiful inspiration Jeanette. Thanks for adding my shelves to your selection. I am honored.
    Make it a fabulous weekend.

    1. Meegan,
      I have to admit I was thinking of your shelves when I first decided to do this post. I wanted shelves for readers who might not have a fireplace or mantel. Yours are perfect. Have a fun weekend. ~Jeanette

  2. Mantel decorating is always a challenge. I love seeing what others do to get ideas for my next mantel display. Thanks so much for including my mantel!

    1. Paula, I love using family treasures around our home and really wanted to include yours. Have a great weekend! ~Jeanette

  3. Thank you so much for including my mantel Jeanette! And for your kind words! Have a great weekend and I love the round-up of gorgeous inspiration. I’m pinning and sharing on FB!

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