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Thrift Shop Finds Part 2

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thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor I popped into my favorite local thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled at my finds.

When I got home I started looking at my treasures and…

one of them, I’m pretty sure…I donated at few months before!

I rebought it!

ThriftShopProjects SQ https://countrydesignstyle.comBut at least it goes to a wonderful cause.  Our local Humane Society.


thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor Anyway, these are my thrift shop finds part 2.  My guess is they are the part of a candle holder that’s left when the glass breaks! 😀

And you know I love the leftovers!

But what am I going to do with them????

thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor Stick a spindle in them!

Okay, for some many of you this might be too unique strange.

But I love it!

thrift shop finds on the mantel https://countrydesignstyle.comSo, I displayed them on my scrap wood mantel.

thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor

I was surprise I found a spindle to fit perfectly in each one.

Okay, maybe not too surprised since I have a collection of spindles for loads of projects.  Check some of them out at 10 things to do with a Broken Spindle.



thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor If spindles, for some reason I can’t imagine, are not your thing too; here’s another idea.

thrift shop finds #thriftshop #decor

Use those broken candle holder leftover between plates for a tiered display.

It’s Monday morning around here today and I wish there was big yummy muffins to display, or slices of coffee cake to pile up.  Dried grocery store hydrangeas with have to do.

I’m hungry.

Thrift shop project collections #thriftshopThrift Shop Finds part 2 is only because apparently I’ve named a previous post Thrift Shop Finds before.  Every second Monday I do a Thrift Shop Project post.  You can see them all from this monthly themed post page.

Psssst, I’m working on MORE things to do with a broken spindle.

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. Debbie says

      I own a small resale shop & have the privilege of getting to be the first to scavenging thru to find my next treasure! (My husband says we need a 27 room house) but I love finding & displaying my unique finds in a completely new way. Love your blog!

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