Dresser Painting and Updated Knobs

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Dresser painting and updated knobs for our guest room.

Dresser with Updated Knobs

This is a small dresser found at a yard sale for $3! It was an ugly yellow and when I first bought it home I gave it a coat of green paint. In our previous home it sit on the back patio with pool toys inside. Wet chlorine soaked boats, plastic fish and those momlookatmeicanswimarmfloatythings.

Here in the cabin it sits between twin beds in the “kids” guest room and is light enough to move if guests wish to move the beds together:)

It’s going to need an update though to stick around! I’m redoing our cabin…removing all the yellow walls {see 15 shades of white} and revamping the red and green {see Painting out dining hutch}.

I grab some leftover paint from the 15 shades of white…moth gray {a soft putty color} and painted two coats.

Then I mucked everything up!


I got the bright idea to paint a huge pinecone on the front. Covering all three drawers. Above was my inspiration piece…a pinecone from the yard.

dresser oophs

I used chalk to draw out the basic pinecone shape and started filling in with a dark gray. What am I thinking using such a huge paintbrush!

dresser clean up

Fortunately I came to my senses within 30 minutes and was able to wipe off my pinecone with wet paper towels.

dresser drawer lining

The dresser got another light coat of moth gray to cover my boo boo and pretty paper to cover the chlorine stains in the bottom of each drawer.

Dresser with updated knobs

The knob plates pictures above had decorative holes in each side. I marked the center and drilled holes. The screw that held on the knobs were inserted the other way, through the front and added a bolt on the inside.

rope handles

A bit of rope was threaded through the holes and tied on the inside.

dresser updated

Ta~da! A modern rustic look!

Plus I have leftover parts! Three knobs to make…hum????

dresser painting https://countrydesignstyle.comAnd another hummmm!  Heh, heh, I’m not really sure if I like the after best!

Hey it happens to us all!  I always say, “it’s only paint!”

Tell me about your painting mishaps in comments below.

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  1. I have to say I like the green better (sorry) but I’m in LOVE with the new knobs! 🙂 🙂

  2. Joanne Boulter says:

    Jeantte, you always have something new and fresh. I love reading your blog I look forward to seeing it come to my email. Have a great day! Stop by my blog for some ideas on how to use lace in your decor. Anne’s Attic – Design http://fulcolbaxia.wordpress.com
    It’s all LOVERLY ! Jo

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