Our Apple Tree

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We planted our apple.  Our very own apple tree!  Of course, I say “we” when actually I had nothing to do with it other than counting the apples.  Mike did all the planting, watering, fertilizing and I couldn’t be certain, but I think I heard him talking to our apple tree. 😀

me picking apples

We decided to harvest our apple tree on the first day of autumn.  Mike wanted a photo op with me in my favorite apron and a basket.  So here it is…don’t laugh.

Do I hear laughing?

apples in basket

Now it’s time for the apples’ photo op.  All sixteen of them in an apple basket.  How many make a bushel?

one granny smith apple

My favorite apple photo.  Smiling pretty and standing tall.

All sixteen at attention.

Okay, enough photos.

Now for the chopping block!

I have to tell you it was hard to make that first cut. 🙁

Here’s where I would love to tell you that I have a delicious old fashion apple pie recipe…but I don’t!

What I did do was take ingredients from a couple of different recipes that sounded good and did my own thing.  It was yummy and perfect with ice cream on top.

I wanted a crust for the top, Mike likes crumbled topping.  So, I made a crust/crumble topping. To make it pretty I looked the kitchen over for a leaf shape cutter.  Really thought I had one…hum.

Our Apple Tree country design style-9

Aha!  I found this little guy.  I think it’s a turkey.

So I cut out 4 turkeys shapes from the pie crust.  Cut them in half.

Then stuck the “feather” back halves together to form a leaf shape.

Yum!  You can’t tell in the photo but it’s still bubbling!

Can’t you smell it!

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