Junk Shopping

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junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyI’m not a shopper.

Mike might think differently!

Heading out to buy clothes, shoes, groceries…ugh!

Junk Shopping….

I’m there!

and I’m there…

for hours!

This last Saturday was Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market in Scottsdale.

In Arizona it’s hard to find vintage goodness.  When you do find a great chippy old window, or old barn wood you’re going to pay quite a bit.

That’s why I like the aging wood technique so much.  I can’t find old wood easy so I make it.

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyWonder if I could make a pie from these pumpkins?

Now you know why I don’t have a cooking blog!

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyI love everything about this light…except the price {$175} that vintage style bulb right along to the twisty cord!

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyI’m not sure if the vendors were thinking this, but I’ve always wanted to set up a “fireplace” with an old desk.  Fun idea for anyone without a fireplace and no jigsaw to make one.

The dreamy piecejunk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyThis was my personal favorite item!!!!!  This table was sold!  Didn’t find out the price.  My phone camera doesn’t show all its beauty.  The table top was absolute perfection.

More cool junk stuff

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyI’m not a lacey kind of gal, but I thought this was a cute idea.

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyThis display piece was not for sale…but I could make this!  What I would do with it I’m not sure….hum!  Any ideas??

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyThis I’m making!  An old cabinet door with a pocket!

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyI almost bought this {$28}  But decided I would make one rustic!

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyIf you follow me, you know I love spindles.  These are spindles on steroids!

Would make an incredible entry table!

junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #junk #fun #diyHey!  I started a trend!  Check out my scrap heart.

My Haul

Junk shopping https://countrydesignstyle.com #myjunkHere’s the junk I bought.  You know you will be seeing this junk in future posts.

Can you find what was added to this picture from the first picture?

Do you remember Highlights?

Thanks for going junk shopping along with me.  My feet are killing me!!!

Are yours?

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    jeanette i knew it was the ginormous spindle also….but please tell me what in the heck was that $28 thingy? i keep looking and i can’t figure it out and my feet dont hurt but my butt does ha ha xx

    1. Chris, I do love a spindle! The $28 thing was a lantern candle holder. The line to buy was l~o~n~g so I decided I would make one…someday! The Junk in the Trunk was almost twice as large as last year. The next one is May and I’m already planning the trip. 🙂 ~Jeanette

  2. Hi Jeanette, I know exactly what you wound up adding to the pile, the spindle on STEROIDS! You are too funny! I would be a fool to leave that beauty behind, for someone else to give it a home. Great find!!
    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the rest, but as usual, it will be awesome and inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing the hunt!


    1. Yolanda, thanks for coming along on the junk shopping spree! I’m sure everything will be showing up at sometime around here. ~Jeanette

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