Thrift Shop Projects March

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ThriftShopProjects SQThrift shop projects March is not really a “project.”

It’s shopping creativity! 🙂

Thrift Shop Project March ThumbNeeding a few containers to keep craft supplies at hand and still be decorative, I headed to our local Thrift Shop for our local Humane Society.

I could’ve found some plastic thingamabob in our local mass merchandiser.  But I’d rather get creative in a thrift shop.

The money goes to a better cause.

Although the only money spent for this shopping trip was $4.25.

Thrift Shop Projects March MixedCan you guess, everything I bought was…white.

I started with a coffee mug to hold favorite pens and pencils.  This coffee mug reminds me of the one my grandpa drank from for years.  I have his actual mug in our dining room hutch.

It’s a very special cup of coffee when I drink from it!! 😀

I found an oval dish and I love the shape.  It’s holding twine and clothespins.  I use clothespins as small clamps when crafting.

A small bowl and matching saucer is perfect for small painting jobs.  The paint washes out easy when I’m finished.  I also use old inexpensive spoons and knives in the craft room.  They are great to mix paint or open something.

My favorite idea was a cheese shaker to hold those special paintbrushes.

Thrift Shop Project MarchI going to love the craft room…if I ever get it finished!

Do you have a craft room or area in your home?

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