Learning to Enjoy Summer at Home

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summer-at-home-country-design-style-fpI’m not a fan of summer.  In fact, I don’t like it at all.

Let me explain because that sounds terrible!

I grew up in Oklahoma with green grass, large trees and warm summer breezes.  Then at 9 years old the army moved my family to Arizona for 3 months during the hottest, stickiest, sweatiest summer ever!  It was my first trip to the desert and I couldn’t find the charm in cactus, rocks and heat. The army moved us back three times.  Then my adult life started and with marriage and work I stayed in the desert except for 5 glorious years in Pismo Beach, California.  When my son turned 7 his father and I divorced and for the next 6 summers I had to pack up Jason to visit his dad.  Those were not enjoyable summers.

me https://countrydesignstyle.comNow we live in the mountains of Arizona, why?  Because it’s cooler!  In fact, we have 4 seasons.  I’m a bulky sweater, coffee on the front porch on a crisp autumn morning kind of gal.

Summer at HomeSo, I’m learning to enjoy summer at home with the help of 11 incredible bloggers with a Summer at Home tour.  To make sure I’m not the wet noodle of the group I thought back to the times I did enjoy summers.

I loved summers as a child and the family summer vacations returning “home” to visit grandparents in Oklahoma.  Plus those glorious years in Pismo Beach, when we lived under the marine layer and the temperature was between 68 and 72 and damp!

This tour is my chance to bring summer enjoyment to the front porch of our cabin.

naps on the porch swing https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerOn one side is the porch swing and a farmhouse inspired chandelier.  Every summer since birth I spent with my grandparents.  I loved spending time with grandma on the porch swing.  I added rope to the chains of my swing and the chains still clack as you swing.

Love that sound!

During those summers on the farm an occasional nap was needed.  Laying across the bed with a window fan softly blowing the smell of laundry hanging on the clothesline and the cows that crossed the front yard {keeping it real} always put me right to sleep!  Now when I hear a fan I want a nap.  Cow smells do that to me too. 🙂

grandma and me https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summer This picture was taken on June 8, 1979, during one of our summer trips.  It was my son’s birthday.  My grandmother had a beautiful gray streak through her hair.

I have one too! 🙂

spindle chandelier https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summer

I love spindles.  I enjoy trying to use them in unique ways.  You can see more at 10 things to do with a broken spindle.

rocking chairs https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerMike and I give our rocking chairs a daily work-out!   This is where that bulky sweater is worn in autumn!  Now I’ll do my best in shorts and flip flops, just like my summer wear on the farm.

coffee and tic tac toe https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerA switch to ice tea and a rocking game of tic tac toe with Mike.

open windows https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerOpen windows in the early mornings and late evenings bring in summer breezes and around here elk smells.

Isn’t it time for a nap?

tablescape https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerThe other side of the porch is my beach inspired tablescape from our cool summer days on Pismo Beach.  Simple and rustic.  A burlap tablecloth, no hemming or ruffles, simply tossed on the table.

placesetting https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerThe wood chargers I made while living in Pismo.  Crisp white plates and vintage red and white salad plates mixed with blue and white summer dishes.

table close up https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerThe centerpiece is a clear bowl filled with seashells and sea glass found on Pismo’s cool beach.

top view https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerA mix of silverware reminds me of summers with our large family and using every plate and utensil available.

side table https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerA little rustic table is ready for ice tea or to open a bottle of wine.  I added drop cloth curtains with a large red stripe just for fun to the porch.

toolbox https://countrydesignstyle.com #hometour #blogtour #summerAn old tool box holds extra napkins and, hum rope!  Never know when you need to hang an extra spindle chandelier! 🙂

During our summer vacations and family gatherings, jello salads were always present.  They had marshmallows or nuts or carrots and even cheese suspended in the wiggly jello.  Since it’s the perfect summer dessert I thought I would share one of our family favorites, pink stuff!  You can read more about pink stuff and download a printable recipe here.

Summer at home at the cabin...in the heat!  How to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.  Country Design Style

As I’ve been writing and decorating for this post about the magical summers on the farm and Pismo Beach, I’m reminded of the summers spent playing house.  In a funny way this blog and the DIY projects are much like playing house.  Come on over for ice tea, coffee or wine on the front porch.  The weather will be perfect!

Okay, I'll say it...I'm not a fan of summer.  Making changes on my front porch to remind me of summers I loved is helping get through the long heat.  Join Me?? Country Design Style

Mike just turned on the fan, I heading for a summers nap!


To make it easier here’s a list of links within this post

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  1. Becky Tharp says:

    I am in LOVE! Your porch is calling my name (but I am a sucker for big porches). I enjoyed reading your story. I am from Missouri but my little family and I travel all around for my husband’s job so this summer we are in Louisiana, which I hear we are coming up on the worst part of summer. I am not looking forward to it! I guess I can dream of sitting on your front porch on a crisp autumn evening when it hits:-) Thank you for sharing your beautiful porch!

    1. Becky, thank you so much for stopping by our front porch! Louisiana does get a bit humid!!! What fun it muct be to travel around with your family! We are waiting now for the monsoon rains to come. The forest really needs water. Stay hydrated! ~Jeanette

  2. I am currently sweating through the summer in Phoenix and not finding in charm in cactus. 🙂

    I adore your porch with its darling candelabra. Happy summertime!

    1. Oh Laura, I so sorry and understand sweating through the summer. Stop by again soon and cool off! 😀 ~Jeanette

  3. Pam are we cousins? Lol! You know we could be! My grandparents, both maternal and paternal, farms are in Osage county. My paternal grandparent’s farm is still a semi-retired working farm. My uncle and aunt now own the farm and their daughter lives on the farm. My maternal grandparents moved into “town” when my grandpa became sick and the farm was divided up and sold. The old farmhouse burned 🙁 and the barn fell down. My uncle know the people who live on the acreage where the house and barn was. I’ve told him, “if they ever want to sell….” Hum! I do feel blessed to have the simple farm childhood. It has stayed in my heart and carried me though tough times and amazing times. You and I are the lucky ones!
    Thanks so much for stopping by the website. I need a trip home! Do me a favor, take a big whiff of cows and send it my way. ~Jeanette

  4. PAM JORDAN says:


  5. Jeanette,
    Thanks so much for opening up your heart and soul to us! I thought Arizona was just hot all the time! Now I want to visit. I just love your porch. Thanks for sharing its beauty with us today! ~Christy

    1. Christy some visit anytime, besides summer! Actually a large part of the state is pine trees and mountains. We lived in the largest continuous strand of Ponderosa Pines in the United States. But no green grass. 🙁 I’m having a blast on this tour! ~Jeanette

    1. Glad you stopped by! Yep, I love a great spindle. I’ve been known to take apart a perfectly good chair because I loved the spindles and wanted to make something different. Isn’t this tour fun??

  6. You might not love Summer Jeanette but I LOVED your post!! Thanks so much for joining us on tour!

    1. Kelly, thank you for inviting me to join this awesome group. I’m having a blast reading about summer and inspired by the stories. Writing the post has help me think about relaxing, sitting back and enjoy this summer. Still hope it does reach 100 degrees! 🙂

    1. Anita, thanks for visiting. Writing this post and joining all the fabulous bloggers on this tour has dampened my dislike of summer. It’s fun to be on the tour with you. ~Jeanette

  7. Well, to me it sounds like you’ve managed the best of both worlds Jeannette. 🙂 I understand the shuttling of children in the summer; had to do that with my two oldest for July, but then I never stayed home for summers, so I guess that month went by pretty fast before they were with me again. I love the idea of “porch living” and we constantly have the doors open to the outside where ever I am. I was in Arizona once in the summer and thought to myself, “never again!”. That’s some incredible heat! I love the desert in April actually, that’s my favourite time. Usually the wild flowers are blooming and there’s a little bit more water and life around then. 🙂

    1. Veronica, glad you stopped by. The road up to our home from Phoenix is stunning in April with wild flowers. I worked many years driving around in the heat and having my high heels stuck in the hot asphalt. Glad those times are over and we could move to the mountains. And porch living doesn’t require high heels! 🙂 ~Jeanette

  8. What a wonderful post, Jeanette! You shared so many great things I don’t even know which to comment about first! Love the tic tac toe board — adorable! Love the spindle chandelier! It is all wonderful and I would adore sitting on your porch!

    It’s funny how where you live affects how you feel about summer. Growing up in Minnesota where it’s winter almost 9 months of the year, I ADORED summer. I’ve lived in Texas for 20 years and I have gotten really sick of the heat. Come August, I yearn for Minnesota summers where it cools off at night and the landscapes are still green and lush. We always visit in August so I can get out of the heat for awhile, otherwise I’d go crazy! lol

    Thanks for being a part of this tour! I loved everything you shared! 🙂

    1. Julie, I appreciate you stopping by. Your Texas heat is definitely hotter than the northeastern Oklahoma heat. We usually plan a cool vacation trip during the summer but this year due to family plans, we just got home from Colorado. Next trip is in October. Whew, more ice tea please!

  9. Jeanette i love your rustic, fun absolutely one-of-a-kind porch! Summer is my least favorite season too… but I made peace with it a few years back because there are things I certainly do enjoy about it that the other seasons don’t have.
    LOVE the little blackboard table with the tic tac toe board. What a darling idea. I’ll be watching out for your spindle chandy diy! If the weather gets too bad for you you can always come visit me here at StoneGable!

    1. Yvonne, thanks for stopping by! It was the front porch that sold us on the cabin. I knew we wanted it before walking inside. I love following you at Stone Gable. It looks stunning! ~Jeanette

  10. Jeanette your porch is absolutely amazing!! I can imagine wanting to just sit out there all day whether it’s with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. It would be hard to not just rock the day away out there! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing some of the ‘real’ness of life with us and how our experiences can definitely affect how we view different seasons. Your honesty and vulnerability was a blessing to me!

    1. Thank you Vanessa for your kind words. It has been an eye opener to be so open on the blog and feel the words of encouragement from readers and friends. Anxious to read yours tomorrow. You guys always inspire me. ~Jeanette

  11. Oh my goodness your porch is amazing…there are so many things I love that I don’t know where to start! All the vintage touches are perfect. I think my favorite things are the rockers. What a great place to spend your time and it clearly shows how much you love your cabin. Hope the rest of your summer is wonderful!

    1. Ann, thank you so much for stopping by. We do love our cabin and the slightly cooler summers up in the mountains of Arizona. Great to be on the tour with you! ~Jeanette

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