Sailboats for the Mantle

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Sailboats for the Mantle Country Design Style FP

Sailboats for the Mantle

What is it about these rustic simple sailboats?  They are everywhere!

So I decided I needed more on my mantle.

Sailboats for the mantel

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Sailboats for the Mantle

and…here’s my pile of scraps.

Sailboats for the Mantle-5

and here’s a huge imagination at work building what actually turned out to be my favorite sailboat.

Sailboats for the Mantle-5

I have a testing bug and am always trying something new.  I cut a triangle for a small sailboat from an old sheet.  Next, I paint both sides with mod podge and let it dry.  Then I painted it with chalkboard paint on both side and let it dry.  I used black chalkboard paint in the quart can, not the spray kind.

Sailboats for the Mantle-6

and…it works!

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS

I made a chalkboard sailboat!

Now the “boat” itself is from our coffee table that I took apart when I made our industrial cart coffee table.  It’s the corner piece up under the top that holds the legs on.

Anyway, this little sailboat’s my fav:)

Plus, chalkboard fabric…hum!  Opens a whole ton of ideas, so stay tuned!

Map & book Sailboat

Sailboats for the Mantle-8

Next up…the map sailboat.

Again grabbing that old sheet I cut out two long triangles.  Covered them with mod podge {love that stuff!}  I also covered the back of a map I printed and cut into a bit smaller triangle.  Then glued them together, covering the front of the map with more mod podge.  Let everything dry.

Sailboats for the Mantle-3

Here’s where things get very weird…even for me.  I cut a boat shape from the pages of an old book.  You can read more about the old books I have that are beyond reading at farmhouse file box.

After I got a boat shape from the old book.  I clamped it to the work table between two pieces of wood.  This held the pages and book steadily while I drilled a hole in the middle of the book.

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS-5

I glued a scrap spindle for the mast.   The sail is tied it with twine.  I wrapped more twine around the book a couple of time and tied a knot…just because I like the look:)

Burlap Sails

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS-2

The smallest sailboat took all of 4 minutes to make.  I cut 45-degree cuts with the miter saw into two broken pieces of wood and glued them together.  Drilled the mast hole and glue in a piece of a spindle.  I painted the boat a grayish white.

The burlap {another item we love} sail was simply a triangle piece that I tied on with burlap string that unraveled.

The sailboat collection

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS-2

My little collection of sailboats for the mantle all made from scraps or bits of MDF.

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS-4

Scrap sailboats for the mantle all lined up.

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS-3

Sailboats ready to set sail.

Sailboats for the Mantle CDS

Oh, and I drew a chalk sailboat on the chalkboard firebox area of the scrap wood mantle…just for fun!Sailboats for the Mantle Country Design Style SQ

Additional sails

The largest white sailboat I made last year for the living room mantle.  You can read the tutorial for DIY Sailboat Number 1 here.

I posted the tutorial for the mattress ticking sailboat {the one on the left} last week.  Here’s a link to DIY Sailboat from Scraps.

Plus, the chalkboard sailboat and DIY sailboat decor.

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