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Do you have a favorite family saying you’d like to hang in the kitchen? Here’s a kitchen printable with instructions to add your own family saying.  Our saying is “Cupcakes are love!” 😋


Kitchen Printable and instructions to add your own text

*affiliate links included helping you find a frame if needed*

I create many printables for readers.  Some are pretty enough to be “frameable.”  Today, this one is frameable with steps to add your own saying.

If you don’t have a saying, I’ve collected some included below.

Notice I screenshot my computer screen to show you the steps.  Notice my name top right. 🙂

Download your printable

First, let’s grab your printable by clicking here.  No email sign up.  Just my gift to you.

Notice it opened a new tab.  Click the ↓ to download and save to your computer.

Open the file.  It’s called Kitchen-printable unless you changed the name when you saved it.  The file is a PDF.  {Portable Document Formate}

Note:  I use Apple products, but I do believe the steps are the same on PC.  

How to copy printable and add to pages

Kitchen Printable step one

Notice above on the top left side, just under the red close button, is a box with a down arrow.  Click for a drop-down menu.  Click thumbnail.

Kitchen Printable Step 2

A smaller image appears.  Click and save the thumbnail.

Kitchen Printable Step 3

Open a new document in pages {word} and paste the image.  The image will not remain page size. So,

Kitchen Printable step 4

grab the squares in the corners and make the image to fit the page.  Make sure to center the image top to bottom and side to side.

Adding your text

Kitchen Printable Step 5

If you try typing text the image moves.   The text you add needs to “float” on top of the image.  To do this, click on the “text” button.

Kitchen Printable Step 6

The text button opens text in a square.  Notice the same squares in the corners, sides, and top along the square as when you inserted the image.  You may need to enlarge the square to fit the size of text you pick.

Ideas for kitchen sayings

  • The secret ingredient is love
  • I’m sorry for what I said when I was Han·gry
  • If you feed them, they will come
  • Y’all come eat
  • Live life with a lot of spice
  • Homemade with love
  • In this kitchen, we dance
  • I use the smoke alarm as a timer {I don’t see the humor, doesn’t everyone do that??}
  • But first, coffee
  • Chop it like it’s hot {good for the cutting board image}

Add your favorite saying in the text box.

Kitchen Printable Step 7

When working with text, I start by picking the font first.  Then play with the size of the text.  Because one font sized at 16 may be larger than another font the same size.  I love fonts.  So much so, that another saying Mike has for me is, “You’re always trying to reinvent the alphabet.”  Most of the fonts I find are on Creative Market.  Each Monday there are six free goods from Creative Market.  At least one will be a font.  You can join for free, click here.  *my affiliate link*

Kitchen Printable Step 8

Anywho, pick a font.  This one is called Brilliant.  You can highlight a word and change the text of one word too.

By the way, the photo is from Creative Market too!  I’m a bit obsessed by Twigy Posts on Creative Market.  I’ve signed up to get free images each month. <3

Text Color

Kitchen Printable Step 9

The default text color is black.  Let’s play with the color.

Kitchen Printable Step 10

The first color I normally try is white.  But since the background is light it may not show well printed.

Kitchen Printable Step 15

Under the style tab, I added shadow to the text.  It looks good on the computer, but when printed didn’t show well.

Kitchen Printable Step 11

So, I’m using the color picker {the eyedropper} to find a color within the photo.  This one is too light.

Kitchen Printable Step 12

And this one is too dark…goldilocks!

Kitchen Printable and instructions to add your own text

This one is just right.  Notice the white arrow??  I found a photo of my turquoise measuring cups.  Opened the photo and used the color picker to grab a color from the cups.

Adding a shape to your printable

Kitchen Printable Step 13

Since my kitchen printable has the word “love,” I decided to add a heart.  Notice, I did this when my text was still white.

Kitchen Printable Step 14

You use the same small squares around the shape to resize.  Then change the color.

Frame your kitchen printable

Now grab an 8 by 10 frame and insert your creation.  If you need a frame, click for my favorite farmhouse frame collection. 

Grab your kitchen printable and learn how o add your own text.

I set my framed printable next to my measuring cups.  I bought these years ago from West Elm.  They are no longer available, but if I were looking for another set, I love the turquoise mason jar set from World Market.

Kitchen printable to add your own text and frame.

When Mike sees this photo with flour on the cutting board he may think love…or cupcakes!

Let me know in comments what your kitchen saying will be.

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