Upcycled furniture pieces on the dining table?

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You bring out your best plates, sparkling glasses and upcycled furniture pieces??  You may now.

Upcycled furniture pieces 1 | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

While painting this piece from our old broken coffee table an idea hit me for a unique way to use it.  Put it right in the middle of the dining room table.  Think of it as an upcycled furniture table runner.

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2 pieces of Upcycled furniture

Since this is from our old square coffee table, I have four large wood scroll pieces.  I painted another scroll and placed them down the middle of our wood dining table.  The straight edge has a piece of wood underneath that was attached to the top of the coffee table. To make the pieces lay flat I placed two cork lids underneath.

Upcycled furniture pieces makes the dining room table

To keep things simple, I placed a wood crate filled with spray-painted babies breath.

Upcycled furniture pieces on the dining room table

If I continue to use the scrolls as a table runner, I will remove the wood so they lay flat.

Upcycled furniture pieces makes the dinner table

A table runner with chippy paint, or is that a poor paint job??  This is the chalk-based paint I used along with my homemade chalk-based paint.  The homemade paint used calcium carbonate.

Whichever it is, I like the contrast of the wood table and the extra large white scrolls.  Rustic meets shabby chic.

Here are some other ideas to use two pieces of scroll or other cool boards.

  • Attached together and add handles on the end for a long and rather bumpy tray.
  • Make a box with two scrolls as the sides
  • Turn the box on end for a small bookcase
  • Use all four as the fronts of window boxes
  • Hang them over doorways
  • Set on end as a display or backdrop I did in this post, how to restyle junk fast and easy.

So, let talk about those strange things you hang on to even as you declutter.  What do you keep?  Thinking outside of the box, how can you make it useful?

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  1. I love your post and I’d totally be friends with you. I love the spindles, I recently bought two spindles at a Barn for 50¢ and I was so overjoyed! I’m const picking up tables people bare getting rid of b/c I love the legs. My partner in crime also the❤️of my life he’s is literally heaven sent. I also a single mom raised 4 kids myself. Then met my prince charming while 3 kids were in highschool. I’m happy for you and your success & to find your blog! Keep up the amazing posts with your amazing talent.

    1. Pam, thank you for your sweet comment. Looks like we are on similar life paths. I’ll send you a direct email too! ~Jeanette

  2. My friend has a large family. So, she had a very large dining table. She used to display her teacup collection on a three tiered table on top of the dining table! It was spectacular 😊

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