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Are you a quote person?  If so, you’ll love my made-up female empowerment quotes.  Hope to inspire you to create, go, or do.

Female Empowerment Quotes printable

My grandma loved sayings.  Things like, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Or, “It’s raining so hard, like a cow on a flat rock!”  It was Oklahoma after all.

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There’s also the link below to a printable of my favorite saying.  Broken pieces mend stronger.

If you wish you can print the quotes and frame them.

Here’s a link to a collection of 8 x 10 frames.

This is a good paper for printables that’s not too expensive. 😉

The quotes

I have my own back

It seems when anyone says they have your back they’re gone when you really need them.  Let’s have our own back.  If I get myself in a mess I can get myself out.  If I find myself in a hole I stop digging.

Its hard to create

A positive mind is open.  A negative mind is closed.  Open your mind to the possibilities.  Turn off the negative.  Or in some cases fix the negative.

Let's go to see where you can go

Let go.  Leave the negative, bad relationships, bad feelings, or a bad place.  Let go and see what the world has to offer you.  One of  Mike and I favorite saying is you never know where you’re going to end up!  Years ago when never thought we’d be living in a mountain town in Arizona in a cabin.  I never thought I could earn a living following my passion.  Or for that matter, work online!

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