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Yep, I need some quick advice.

Quick like this tray table needs to be finished for its photo op on Wednesday!

It needs to look great so I can donate it as a silent raffle item for our Humane Society.


I found this tray table at our Humane Society’s Resale Store last week.  I took some readers shopping with me.  Did you go?  We shopped by Periscope.

I was looking for a small table for our Monthly Furniture Themed Makeovers.  This month is an animal themed.  Yikes!  The makeovers are going to be posted this Thursday.  I’m proud to be included in such a talented group of ladies.

Now on to my issue…


The table is in great shape except for the center tray area.  That can be fixed easily with a quick coat of gel stain.  That’s not the issue.  The issue is the animal part.  I’ve made a stencil with my silhouette to add the animal.  My issue is…do I stencil on the woven part or make a rustic wood insert and stencil on the insert?  Have you tried stenciling on a woven tray?


You can let me know your thoughts in comments below or LIVE on Periscope tomorrow at 6 pm Arizona time.  {Arizona doesn’t change times}  That would be 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central and 9 pm {yawn} Eastern.

And guess what??  Every Monday night I will be hosting a LIVE Q&A / AMA {ask me anything} on Periscope at those times above.  All you have to do is download the free Periscope app and then follow me at Country Design Style – Jeanette.

I picked Monday nights because of football.  I’m not fun to watch football with because I cheer for the player with the ball.  Not necessary for the team. :/

So if you’re not a football fan or even if you join me.  My periscopes have been lasting 5 to 20 minutes at the most.

what would you do country design style

Monday’s are not the only dates that I’m scheduling planned periscopes.  Each Wednesday at 10 am Arizona time we will be chatting about basic woodworking tips.  Tips for the very beginners with a mix of tricks for advanced woodworker.  I know I’ll learn a bunch too! 😀

What would you do? I have a tight woven tray that I want to add a stencil. Should I place the stencil on a inset rustic board or just try stenciling on the woven strips? Country Design Style

Each Thursday at 2 pm Arizona time we will be doing an easy DIY project or learn an easy technique.

Here’s a recap of the schedule:

Monday 6 pm Arizona Time Q&A / AMA

7 pm  Mountain

8 pm Central

9 pm Eastern

Wednesday 10 am Woodworking 

11 am  Mountain

12 noon Central

1 pm Eastern

Thursday 2 pm Easy DIY

3 pm  Mountain

4 pm Central

5 pm Eastern

Social media

Of course, I will have many unplanned periscopes in between!

I use my facebook page and twitter to announce the scopes too.  You can follow me by clicking if you wish.


Totally off topic…have you noticed the four different types of photo sizes and types I use for my posts?

1.  The very first image is always a landscape mode with text to intrigue, hopefully!!   This image also appears on the home page in a slide show.

2.  The last image is the polaroid style that’s sometimes slanted.  It also appears on a smaller slide show above.

3.  Somewhere towards the end of the post is a “pinnable” image or two.  It’s in portrait mode {best for Pinterest} and when your mouse goes over it the image fades and a chandelier says, “pin it!”

4.  In the post somewhere is a square image.  Sometimes with text and sometimes not.  It handy for social media that like square pictures like Instagram.

Just thought you would like to know.

Talk to you live on Monday!

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  1. I would stencil on the woven. When you stencil make sure to go straight up and down. After you can always use a small brush to fill in any spots you don’t like. I think I would have gotten pictures of all different animals, esp. dogs and cats and maybe burnt the edges and then sealed them with a crackle and then a finish glaze.

    1. Thank you Gail! You’re right. I could fix any areas of the stencil that didn’t fill in. I drew antlers since we like in mountains and have elk everywhere!!! I could burn the edges around the antlers and crackle it on top. Thank you so much for stopping by and helping! Check back on the 20th. I’ll have it finished with a combination of these great ideas. Jeanette

  2. I would paint or stain it chocolate brown entirely. Then make a table insert covered with a chetah pattern, the a glass top to fit. Another idea would to paint it black, then insert a zebra pattern for the top, then glass. It appears just the right size of a patio or next to a chair. A matching pillow would really be a selling point. For a young girl how about hot pink, with th inverted fabric being pink and black. Just a few ideas.

    1. Ohhhh Penny, I like the idea of pink and black zebra!!! I watched a Periscope video yesterday where a DIY Blogger had a large zebra laying on her dining room table. Sound strange…but it was so elegant. I also like the idea of adding a matching pillow. Thank you so much. Jeanette

  3. I would keep the woven part and stencil on it! I prefer to keep as much of the original as possible.

    It will be awesome no matter what you do!

    1. Awe, thank you Melinda! If I do add anything to the top it would be removable to keep the table intact. It’s really cute as it is. Thank you for stopping by. Jeanette

  4. Vickie DeVries says:

    I would prob leave the woven and paint it a soft cream color and distress it…then for the top I would use some kind of fun animal print…add padding and use it for a “cat bed” if it’s sturdy enough when a cat jumps on it.

    1. Vickie, a cat bed would be perfect, specially since I plan on donating it to the Humane Society event. I think the table might be too high for a cat to jump on, but adding cat bedding would be a cute idea. Thanks Jeanette

  5. I think you should keep the woven intact since it’s not broken or “frayed”. Although I have never stenciled on a woven item… wouldn’t it look cool to have a very rustic looking stencil on the top of the table. I say stencil on the woven top and keep table intact. I would definitely buy that!

    1. Thank you Deanne! I drew antlers to make into a stencil since we live in the mountains. So maybe the stencil will work “rustic.” ~Jeanette

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