DIY Fall

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I love this time of year.

The air is crisp.

The breeze is cooler.

Flip flops are in storage.

Bulky sweaters come outta storage.

Pumpkins are everywhere!

DIY Fall

Our front door welcomes guests with a toolbox.  DIY lives here! 🙂


Soft autumn leaves fill the turquoise toolbox.   In the middle are two blackbirds and a wire pumpkin.


On the other side hangs the blooming pine cone wreath.  I learned it will keep blooming more than expected!!!  I had to remove 4 pine cones due to the blooming.


Acorns decorate the “organ desk.”  This one came from Home Goods…


and I made the smaller acorns using wood Easter eggs.


A dear friend gave me this rusty scale.  I love it!  It’s weighing to see if a glass pumpkin filled with junk is heavier than a cloche covered pine cone.  The junk pumpkin wins!  It’s filled with broken spindle pieces, rusty knobs, bits of chain and scrap wood.


Another dear friend gave me this thrift store book painted with matte black spray paint.  I use several books to give a lift to decor items.  The burlap leaves and rusty drill bits fill the vase when grocery store flowers wilt.


This rusty gear and glass globe fit great together.  I’ve had both for a year and just now figured it out.  A chunky battery candle adds romantic light in the evenings.  A bleached pine cone rests next to the candle.



Other than the glass pumpkin, all my pumpkins are tumbling out of the fireplace.  Real or faux pumpkins.

So I guess in reality, my pumpkins are not everywhere!

Unless you count in my coffee, bread, the spread for my bread, in my oatmeal, ice cream, and in the cookies in the oven.

I love pumpkin!

Do you??

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  1. Love the rusty gear and glass globe…now just to find a gear!

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