Craft Room Design or turning a Guest Room into a Mess!

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When you redecorate a room you reach pivotal moments.  Four of the five voices in your head say this could be a bad idea. My craft room design is at its pivotal moment.

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I’m s~l~o~w~l~y redecorating a guest room and turning it into a home office and craft room…while keeping it as a guest room.

Because we get a guest lately about once every two years!

I think we need a smaller home.

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Craft room design daybed

Today, I’m sharing mid-decorating photos.  Above is the daybed ordered from Amazon.  I haven’t put it together yet.  The one I ordered has a trundle bed.

You can see it here.

Craft room design for around the TV

Above is the doorway to the area between our guest rooms.  The other room will remain a guest room…for those non-existent guests. 😐

Notice the revolving bookcase filled with craft supplies.  Oh, and the woven duct tape stool!  I’ve never repainted the stool, but it finally needs paint.   I realized the post for the stool published EXACTLY 4 years today!

Craft room area for sleeping in daybed and window seat.

Above are the two window areas.  The top is a “window” seat.  Although the window is too high to look out!  My plan is to cover the 4-inch memory foam mattress with a drop cloth.  One with those large roll edges.

The daybed with sit under the other window.  Right now there are two twin headboards with spindles waiting to become another DIY project. 😉

In the corner, I squeezed in a drop leaf table.  My blogging desk with my computer is mainly downstairs.  But I can work there when I need quiet.  Plus the table opens large for crafting and painting.  I added furniture sliders under the table legs.

Turning a guest room into a craft room

Over the years of blogging, I called this guest room the room where “DIY projects go to die.”  Some projects I donate to our Humane Society thrift store.

Please let me know your thoughts.  Be brutally honest. Why? The best ideas come from brutal honesty.

Lately, I admit I’m avoiding the room like the plague.  I’m looking forward to getting the daybed together, maybe it will inspire other ideas.  At least that’s what one voice is saying.

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