Industrial Farmhouse Art

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If anyone told me I would be making industrial farmhouse art a year ago, I would have thought they had three heads.

Gears and steampunk on our mantel!

I don’t think so…

until now!

Sharing a simple way to make large artwork in any style. 😀

Industrial Farmhouse Art

This was inexpensive and can be in any style.


Three 2 by 4 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood {$6 each}
Drop Cloth {I bought a 6 by 9 for $10}
Stencils {I used a silhouette to make stencils, but any store bought stencils of your choice and style works too}
Jigsaw {Two pieces of plywood were cut to 34-inches long to fix our mantel}
Various paints and paintbrushes
Iron {I washed, dried and ironed the drop cloth}
Spray glue

Positive Stencil

Industrial Farmhouse Art | Country Design Style |

The first art piece is a positive stencil of gears.  I used neutral colors; most chalked based paints.  Tip:  When using several colors of paint, start with the lightest color.  Then between color changes just wipe the brush across newspaper to remove most of the paint.  Less washing!

The smaller stencils used a small stencil brush.  Larger stencils used a small disposable roller.

Negative Stencil


Above I’m setting up to use the same roller for the negative stencil.  Notice the roller still has black paint…


that was on purpose!  This gives a muddled background.  The stencils above are in place with spray glue.  The one I use is Elmers.  If sprayed and attached right away the bond is permanent.  If the spray is allowing to dry for a few minutes the bond is temporary.

Image Transfer



The larger art piece used the image transfer method and gears from the steampunk printable.

When all the paint was dry, I used spray glue to attach the drop cloth art to the plywood.

My plan was to hang the two smaller art pieces on the right side of the mantel and the larger one leaning on the left.  I didn’t like it, so…


The two smaller pieces are on the mantel.


This is a close-up of the left side.


This is a close-up of the right side.


The large piece is leaning on top of the hutch.


So, yep!  I have gears for art in our industrial farmhouse living room. On Saturday’s post, I will be sharing the rest of our “new” industrial farmhouse living room.


I realize gears are not for everyone.  But think about all the beautiful sayings that would be perfect to stencil on a drop cloth.


In any event, here’s a pin to save the tutorial to remember later.

Click here to see the industrial farmhouse art in our industrial farmhouse living room.

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