Easy craft sign made in 30 minutes or less

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Think of someone you know with a grateful heart.  This easy craft sign is for them.  Plus you can make it in 30 minutes or less.

Lettering for grateful heart

The sign starts with basic supplies from Walmart, which makes it inexpensive too.  You can make several to give as gifts to all your friends with grateful hearts.

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The supply list

Supplies for 30 minute gift project

{Sorry for the extra bright image!  I toned it down.  If you follow me, you know we are traveling in the RV.  The sun was extra bright.}

One square board  {the one I found uses twine to hang the sign}

Nine 2-inch square canvas  {I found mine in bundles on 3}

Lettering paintbrush {This is one of my favorites}

Small artist brush

Two different colors of craft paints

Craft glue {I love using this one}


Paper towels and a cup of water

The steps

Painted canvas

First, paint the canvases with two coats of craft paint.  I used Folk Art in Steel Gray.  Let the paint dry.

Next is the lettering, let’s do this fast

Heart grateful


I used Folk Art parchment, which is a soft white color.

Here are my tips, from someones with terrible handwriting.

  • Pick a simple font
  • Use your computer to pick a font.  Print the letters you plan to use or if you’re comfortable leaving them up on your screen.
  • Use a lettering type of brush.  I like the calligraphy brushes.  They hold plenty of paint and still keep in fine point.
  • Load enough paint on your brush to complete each letter.
  • Practice on scrap paper.
  • Take a deep breathe and go for it.
  • Don’t fret about mistakes.  You friend with a grateful heart will love your painter handwriting.

Let the lettering dry.

The Big Layout

Grateful heart hanging

Lay out your letters first on the board.  Makes sure you’re spelling the word correctly.  I almost didn’t.  That would be a whole other gift.

Now, use your ruler to center the middle canvas.  Then space the others out from the center.  Use your craft glue to adhere to the board.

Simple lettering tip

Can you think of other ideas to say in nine letters?  Share your ideas in comments below for other readers.

Now if I could learn to hook up the sewer hose to the RV in 30 minutes or less!  UGH!

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Jeanette, that’s so perfect! I thought at first glance that it was little chalkboards with the letters done in chalk. Now I will be thinking all day about words that will fit the 9 canvases! I would never guess how easy that was to make – thank you for sharing!

    1. Andi, ohhhh! Painting the canvases with chalkboard paint and using chalk is another idea to change up the project.

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