DIY Small Canvas Prints Made Easy

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Small canvas prints hold such possibilities in their 2 1/2 square space.

A great example of a craft product with endless possibilities.  And I’m not talking about those small canvas squares.

art prints

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You’ll be grabbing up small canvas prints when you see this idea.

But first, I’m sharing a photo of the sweet spring sign I made from the monthly Couture Club.  As an independent designer, I receive a free transfer each month.  You too can subscribe to receive monthly transfers along with packets of Chalkology Paste.  Learn more here 

Happy mail. 

Then reusing the transfer, I made art blocks using the small canvases.

The first project made easy

I make this spring sign using Chalk transfers and paste.

Sweet spring

Fun springy spring sign with an old spring!

I’m changing my seasonal decorating and helping you can Make a Seasonal All Year Craft Sign Fast.

The second project made easy

Small art blocks

Then using the same transfer, I made farmhouse style blocks using one color of Chalkology Paste.  My current favorite color, Storm.  I was inspired by the popularity of my Art Blocks.

First, I painted the small canvases with a light tan craft paint.

Then I used parts of the transfer to add elements to my blocks.

Here’s a video showing how easy the transfers work.  You can see the whole product line here.

Little squares of art in the craft room

These hang in my craft room on my wall of junk boards.  I used a loop of masking tape to hang them.

As I’m writing this, I have a stack of larger elements to make a larger art piece for our living room.

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