Holiday Centerpiece for the Dogs and Cats

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Holiday Centerpiece for the Dogs and Cats

Holday for the dogs and cats-4Holiday Centerpiece for the Dogs and Cats …with treats for the animals.

Our little Humane Society is having a holiday dinner for the hard working and dedicated employees and volunteers tonight.

When they asked me for centerpieces I immediately said “YES!”

Then I mind was racing for a great idea…

racing for days!

Then I saw it…

The centerpiece


Kerryanne’s Christmas Township Candle Jar!!!  Wow!

Please go to Kerryanne’s amazing website Shabby Art Boutique for the instructions for making the candle jar.

My holiday centerpiece for dogs and cats

Holday for the dogs and cats-2

I follow Kerryanne’s directions except instead of a town I did a dog house, cat, fence and pine trees.

A bit of a backyard candle jar!

Notice too I put my “backyard” inside the jar.  These will be given away and I thought they would hold up with the handling.  Also, the “backyard” is floating about an inch up the jar.  I layered Christmas “snow” the kind used for tree skirts in the bottom of the jars.

Holiday for the dogs SQI did that so the scene could be visible above the dollar store ornaments and bags of dog and cat treats tied up with ribbon and tossed arranged on the dollar store tray.  We are also using battery candles for safety.  🙂

I used a silhouette to cut out the “backyard” because I had 12 to make.

Holday for the dogs and cats

Twelve… holiday centerpieces for the dogs and cats!  Whew!

Now to bake some cookies for neighbors…and us! 😀

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