Santas chalky chunky butt!

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This is a unique way to use a chalkboard and a unique Santas chalky chunky butt drawing.  

Santas chalky chunky butt4Christmas Visitor Surprise in chalk!

I’m challenging the few artistic talents I have and adding color to my chalk fire and

…Santa’s Chalky Chunky Butt!

I’m busy pinning great holiday ideas on my Christmas Pinterest Board.  You can follow me on Pinterest here and let’s share together!

Chalk Fire 3Here’s the chalk fire before Santa arrives.

You can read more about it at chalk fire and about the scrap wood mantel I made.

It hit me and I decided to not only add color but a Christmas visitor surprise.  A chalk Santa Claus!

Santas chalky chunky butt2

Almost done.

Santas chalky butt in our fireplace

The entire mantel {except the top} haven’t decorated the top for Christmas yet.

Santas chalky chunky butt

A close~up with cookies and hot cocoa, yum!

I got busted by Mike on the cookies. Told Mike I was taking homemade chocolate chip cookies out of the freezer for his dessert tonight. He didn’t realize they were first going to be a prop

…until he proof~read the post!

Santas Chalky chunky butt SQ

Watch out Santa!

Santas chalky butt

Anyone could do this Santa’s chalky chunky butt drawing in under an hour with my chalkboard tips here.  Let me know if you add a chalk Santa to your fireplace in the comments below.

So, what do you think??

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