Valentine Round-Up


Today I’m sharing quick past Valentine round-up of DIY projects.  Since it’s only 4 days away.  But we have the weekend to get something creative going.

Valentine Round-Up | Country Design Style |

Valentine Round-Up

Mosaic Heart Plaque was a hard project.  Now the project its self, but the spelling of “mosaic!”  I misspelled it every time I typed it….including today!  It is a great idea when a favorite dish is broken.  Just keep breaking it and make a heart.  Or any shape for that matter. 🙂


A heart for him. It’s hard to create something for your guy on Valentine’s Day.  Let’s face it.  Guys would rather delete this holiday.  This is super duper easy AND you can take out any frustrations before the holiday. 😕

Valentines Morse code obsession in wood slices sq | Country Design Style |

My favorite Valentine round-up project I learned from me dad. 

Write your Valentine message in Morse code.  I wrote mine on wood slices, but any surface or object would work.  Think about writing your message on the rim of a white dinner plate.  Write it on pretty paper and frame it.  Write it in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror. {I might do that one} Or simply add it in a card. Click over and get your free Morse code printable.

Delivering Hearts SQ| Country Design Style |

If time isn’t available…just hand him a printable.  Promise this bike will not cause leg cramps. 😀

Valentine Round-Up SQ | Country Design Style |

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Valentine Round-Up PN | Country Design Style |

What’s your Valentine’s day look like?  

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