Nautical Decor DIY Sailboat

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Nautical decor DIY sailboat that not only for summer displays.

close up of sailboat

Rustic spindle sailboat

In my twenties, I dreamed of living on a sailboat. I never reached that dream, and at this point in life, it’s not much of a regret. Plus, I can barely swim.


When I started sixth grade, dad was transferred to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. I brought with me my Okie accent. The Okie accent is a southern speech without a cute draw. Instead of a draw, we added a blackjack slang to our speech. 

There are a lot of blackjack trees in the Osage. 

The first time I spoke in class, I said something about “worshing” my hair. Ugh. As a quiet kid, this was my first time being teased. So, I got quiet for almost a year. When I started talking again, my Okie accent was gone. 

Now it’s my biggest regret in life. 

This one is super easy. If you live near water, I suggest you find a piece of driftwood for the boat. I’m using a bit of leftover wood from the foot of an old pump organ. That’s what I found in my woodpile. There’s more on the pump organ in the bonus collection. 

Materials Needed for Nautical Sailboat

Piece of rustic wood

Spindle cut

Spindle or a stick that’s at least three inches longer than the wood. I cut my spindle a bit. 

Piece of cloth for the sails 

Six eyelets and eyelet pliers {Crop-a-dile, it’s the bomb diggity}


Paddle bit sized for the spindle

Wood glue

Cotton twine

Two small nails


Needle-nose pliers 

paddle bit, old wood and spindle
  1. Drill a hole. Make a hole in the middle of the piece of wood using the paddle bit. Add wood glue and insert the spindle or stick. Let dry. 
drop cloth with triangle drawn
  1. Cut a triangle from the drop cloth. Measure the length from the end of the wood. Measure the top of the triangle to the top of the spindle. Then cut the triangle in half. This makes a 45-degree angle to go up the mast and across the wood surface for each sail. 
  2. Hammer the nails. Tap the two small nails into each end of the wood. Use the needle-nose pliers to keep from smashing fingers. 
almost finished sailboat
  1. Add eyelets. Add an eyelet at each of the three corners of each sail. 
  2. Hoist the sails. Use a piece of cotton twine to tie on the sails. Tie on the nails and the spindle and hoist the sails. I like my sails a bit loose to catch the wind. 
finished sailboat

A few pieces of twine tied at the top of the mast and attached at the wood adds a finish touch. Perfect place to add a small strand of holiday lights. HUM!

Now, I reckon it’s time to find my lifejacket. 

If you want to learn how to find wood spindles for your projects.

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