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vintage outdoor sign project https://countrydesignstyle.comHey, it’s Wednesday!  That means it’s Easy Breezy for the ?????

Okay, I’m confused!

I don’t think I changed it to the third Wednesday, but maybe I did.  If so, I’m late.  But here it goes…

Easy Breezy SBI did this project in 15 minutes, maybe 16 but no more.  I had leftover 2 by 6 boards from re_making our coffee table top for our patio set.

Not wanting to waste it I made a sign.

Sign-sprayed-country-design-styleI used the same technique to aged the wood as I did for the coffee table top.  Here’s the link to this old wood.

Since we are in the mountains of Arizona the tea dried before I found the paint brush for the ironed vinegar.  The vinegar dried while I cut the word “VINTAGE” with the silhouette.  Store bought stencils would great too!

I use a temporary spray glue {temporary because I waited a minute to layout the stencil.  I almost forgot the triangle for the “A!”

Then taping the edge so my “paint” would not get on the aged wood.

Then using a flexy spray type product I sprayed lightly.  That’s the stuff that seal a screen door on tv.  I haven’t tried to seal a screen door…yet,dog-water-bowl-country-design-style but I bought it for our dog’s water bowl.  The rubber edging stuff kept coming off!

Vintage-ourdoor-sign-country-design-styleI lifted the stencil right away…and that triangle!  The spray comes out gloppier that regular spray paint.  But I think it will hold up great in weather outdoors.  I like the little bumpy affect on the vintage outdoor sign.

vintage-outdoor-sign-country-design-styleHere it’s propped up drying.  I kind of like it on the little table! 🙂

My disclaimer:  I was not paid or received any product for this post.  I just purchased products to test out different ideas to share and use around our home.

Now I’m going to figure out exactly when Easy Breezy Wednesday is!!!!

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