Valentine Advent Calendar

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I created this Valentine advent calendar for Valentines Day, BUT the idea is perfect for any holiday or family countdown.  Think about creating an advent calendar for vacations, reunions or parties.

Valentine Advent Calendar FP | Country Design Style |

I adore project that you can make your own.

In your own style.

With lots of ideas to display.

Plus one that adds family fun to the whole home.


Advent Calendar

I’m sharing a printable of family Valentine activities to add to your calendar at the bottom of the post.

Valentine Advent Calendar Farmhouse | Country Design Style |

I did my Valentine advent calendar in a farmhouse style.  You can take this idea and run with it and make it your own.

Cutting out craft hearts or any shape

Valentine Advent Calendar Vintage Style | Country Design Style |

I used brown lunch sacks…because I had them. Brown lunch sacks are not what they were when I took lunch to school.  They are thin!!!

A roll of brown craft paper works too.

If you want a different style, use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or whatever you have on hand.

Cut out as many as you have days to count

IF you are doing Valentine’s Day out 14 hearts.  Since I used the lunch sacks I cut along the edge and cut a half heart.  Otherwise, fold your paper in half and cut half a heart.  Like we did back when we took our lunch to school!

Notice above I even cut out hearts from the bottom of the sack!  I liked the look of the folds on the heart!  🙂

Valentine Advent Calendar Pins | Country Design Style |

Next, grab some markers or paint pens.  In my case, I used a charcoal pencil to write 1 through 14 on one side of each heart.  The marker showed through the thin lunch sack.

Valentine Advent Calendar Notes | Country Design Style |

On the other side of each heart write the activity to build up to that romantic day.

Wrapping a frame and clothespins

How to Valentine Advent Calendar | Country Design Style |

I used twine and wrapped it around a frame chalkboard three times.  Frame and all was wrapped.  Then, using clothespins I clipped on the hearts.

Farmhouse Style Valentine Advent Calendar | Country Design Style |

If you have 14 magnets you could add yours to the fridge.

Valentine Advent Calendar Farmhouse Style | Country Design Style |

Craft stores have little bags you could use and add a treat to each day.  Or fold a piece of rectangle paper in half.  Open the paper and add glue strip to the bottom and one side.  Fold back and press to make simple bags.

Make a Valentine Advent Calendar | Country Design Style |

Click here for your Valentine Advent Calendar heart and list of family-friendly activities.

Let me know if you have any other valentine activities that would be fun to share with other readers too.  Family-friendly activities only! 😀

Have your family done a murder party yet?  Our next one will have an advent calendar to match!

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