Best Places to Find Farmhouse Pillows on a Budget


Finding a decorative pillow at a great price usually means it’s not a great pillow. Today, I’m sharing my favorite places to find good pillows at good prices.

So how many pillows do you have right now on your bed? Too many? Me too! But try to remove one and I can’t. 

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They nestle together so cozy.

And, our sofas have their groupings of pillows too.

Oh, by the way, we have 3 sleeping pillows and 5 decorative pillows. Plus two of these great heavy sitting pillows for early morning NCIS New Orleans and coffee drinking times. 

Let me know how many you have on instagram. 

Pillows prices can skyrocket. I’ve seen pillows with $79 dollar and up price tags. For a little square decorative pillow??

This collection of stores are my go to place when we need just the perfect pillow. 

A budget decorative pillow tip

Instead of buying whole pillows, find pillow inserts, and use pillow covers to instantly change the room seasonally or as your mood strikes. 


Target continues to offer great prices for modern home decor. Plus they have a mini Magnolia store!

Antique Farmhouse

Two pillows in white, one with our nest

Antique farmhouse has amazing prices on pillows and I’m seeing a few modern boho farmhouse styles! I can’t wait to have a home again. It will need more pillows. 

Antique farmhouse has the sweetest little pillows


If you’re looking for pillows with a personal touch, Etsy is perfect. This is my favorite shop for handmade pillows. 

four farmhouse pillows


My go to place for online shopping is Amazon. In Payson, we had 2 day shipping. Now in our little Scottsdale apartment some orders arrive the same day! I ordered sparkling water in our favorite flavor that’s getting hard to find. It arrived 2 hours later and cheaper than Walmart! I can’t wrap my head around how that’s possible. 

It’s also my personal favorite for farmhouse pillows. Did you know these type of pillows are also called husband pillows?

These are a few of my Amazon pillows.

Here’s a link to see my Amazon shop for anything farmhouse, crafts, and workshop tools too!

While writing this post, we’re traveling in our motorhome. I counted the decorative pillows here, there’s nine!!!

There’s a commercial indicating too many pillows as a sign of old age. I “admittedly” disagree!

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