Husband Pillow – don’t have a pillow fight with this one!


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You enjoy watching Netflix in bed during the evenings, but your back doesn’t love it. I have the solution, husband pillow.

Iron bed with gray husband pillow and cream bedspread.

So, it seems I bought two husband pillows and didn’t know it. But I love my pillow, and you’ll love it too!

This type of pillow was popular in the 70s. Mom and dad bought my brother and me each one. We use them on the floor while watching, “All in the family.” In two months, the pillows lost their shape. One arm ending up coming off due to one too many pillow fights.
We don’t have to worry about us using these for pillow fights. We’d knock each other out cold.

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What is a husband pillow?
I had to google it. That’s when I realized I bought two several months ago. One is for Mike, but the other is MINE!
This pillow is so heavy I thought we’d need a crane to get the boxes inside.
It’s so heavy you have to brace yourself to pick it up.
This pillow is so massive a pillow fight is out of the question.

When we took it out of the box, I was incredulous that I would fluff up.
It took 24 hours to finish fluffing!

Taking the pillows out of the box wasn’t as scary as taking a mattress out of a box!

The footboard of the iron bed.

We ordered everything new for our bed, including the iron bed.

king size bed with two gray pillows

This is everything we ordered!

Bedspread showing light through the heat pressed areas of the design.

Why I love this bedspread. The holes show light even in the middle of the night, just like my grandma’s old worn quilt.

close up to headboard

Funny story

Opening the pillows isn’t the same as opening a mattress in a box!

It came with a warning about opening it because there’s a possibility the mattress will spring open violently. Okay, maybe it didn’t say forcefully, but that’s what I imagined would happen.
First, I locked the dog out of the room. Wanted the pups to be safe.
Then I tore open a corner and ran to the bathroom.
I peeked around the corner and nothing.
Slowly I crept back and torn back the tape a few more inches and stumbled back to the bathroom.
Still, nothing happened.
Halfway down the box and still nothing!
Then I ripped the tape across the box. Bam!
The mattress started growing and fast. It popped outta the box and starting spreading across the floor.
We left it in the middle of the room for the 24 hours as the instructions said. After 24-hours, the mattress had grown another 3-inches higher.

Gray husband pillow sitting on bed

We expected the same when opening the husband pillow boxes. They didn’t explode out of the box; instead, we pulled out heavy flat pillows. Again the instructions said to let them sit for 24 hours. We could not believe how full they became after 24 hours.

These pillows are great. We watch Netflix in the evenings, and I work on the computer. It feels like we’re sitting in recliners.

The husband pillows hold their shape through three seasons of Outlander, four seasons of Heart of Dixie, all Game of Thrones, and tons of stand up comedy.

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