Resale store junk updated

resale store junk updated  

It makes my heart jump for joy when neglected little resale store objects find a new life. A life filled with excitement, purpose, and words. Simple descriptive words telling the purpose. Welcoming guests, saying hello and gather with family.

Resale store junk updated pin

What is a resale store?

A resale store buys items from individuals and resales them for a profit.  Resale stores are like pawn shops.  Resale stores for clothing and books are what first pop in my mind.  Stores like My Sister’s Closet and Bookman’s are popular in Arizona.

What’s the difference between the resale store and thrift stores?

The inventory in a thrift store is donated by individuals.  Profits benefit local organizations like our Thrift Store for Sheltered Animals.

Then what is a consignment store?

Consignment stores pay the seller after the item sells.  The seller and shop owner have an agreement on a time period for the item to sell.  Most consignment stores maintain more expensive items like fine antiques or high-end brands.

Lettered resale store junk sq

Now that I told you all that…I can’t remember what type of store I bought these items.

But my first guess is the store to help animals that share our journey.

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To give my resale store goodies a lettered update I’m using transfers and products. I’m enjoying the ease of the transfers and it’s a bit addicting. 

While creating the updates, I filmed videos.  This shows just how easy the transfers, paste, and ink are to use.  If I planned on painting the resale store junk first as I did here the transfers would still work great.


Thrift store frame

Do you have a box of old frames?  I dug through my box and the chipped black paint revealing the pink underneath caught my eye.

List of supplies

Transfer or stencil
Cloth to “fuzz” the back of the transfer
Paint or Paste
Clorox wipes to easily clean reusable transfer
Paintbrush or stencil brush

As you can see the transfer worked great along with the curved edge of the frame.

Old metal crate

I remember being with mom when I bought this old metal crate, but where we were???

List of supplies

Transfer above and other items except…replace paste with ink.

Scrap wood and broken piece of a spindle

Now, I do know when I broke this spindle!  I was splitting spindles and missed.  Glad to do something creative with it now.

List of Supplies

Items above except I mixed my own color using white and black paints.

The pastes and inks mix great to make endless colors. I enjoy mixing paint colors.

Lettered resale store junk

We’re having family visit for a few days at the end of April.  The lettered resale store junk updated for the visit will welcome them along with goodies in the metal crate.

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