Destroyed Silk Flower Tablescape

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destroyed silk flowers #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasToday is another easy breezy project.

Thank goodness!  We have our nephews visiting and this one is perfect for the 5 year old, Alexander.

Easy Breezy #easyprojectsWhat do you do with a 5 year old???

Well I let them destroy silk flowers !

pile of old silk flowers #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasThis is a table idea, perfect for summer, birthday parties or…

a meal of hotdogs. 🙂

Just grab some well used silk flowers.  I washed them by swishing them in soapy water and let them dry outside.

Here in Arizona…that took 3 minutes! :/

pulled apart #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasNow have a 5 year old pull the flowers apart.

Mind you it must be a 5 year old!

Not really!

scattered petals #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasOh, a tip if it’s breezy, use double sided tape or make a circle outta regular o’ tape to keep your silk flowers from covering your neighbors yard.

from trash to fun #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasAnother great thing about this destroyed silk flower tablescape is…

you can cover any stains in your table cloth with a flower petal!

close up of scattered flowers #silkflowers #tablescapes #simplepartyideasI have three stains in this table cloth, today.

Later I’m sure there will be more.

Next time more petals!

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