Junk Thrift Shopping

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Do you remember when we went junk shopping together?

Wasn’t that a blast??

The last of the junk projects are now finished.  I’m sharing it with you today and…

I really think we need to go junk thrift shopping again!!

Are you up for it??

Junk Thrift Shopping

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It’s Saturday as I’m writing this post.  It’s hot.  I’m getting ready for a large family gathering at our home Labor Day weekend.  My son is coming for the weekend!!!!!!!  I can’t think about that too much or I’ll be typing through tears of joy.  I miss him.

So the last project of the shopping adventure is just sticking…

Do you remember the time I took you Junk Thrift Shopping?? I have the video up and the projects done! What fun that was! Country Design Style www.countrydesignstylel.com

The rusty chippy drill bits into a white vase.  White vases are a secret weapon for easy home decorating!  They fit all styles and tons of uses.

Ideas to use a white vase

  • Flowers, of course
  • Rolled book pages
  • Greens from the yard
  • Branches 
  • Place a plate on top for a cake stand
  • Leave empty 
  • Fill with long “junk”

Here are links to the other complete projects.

Animal Theme Makeover

Hamster Wheel 

junk-thrift-shopping-country-design-style-www.countrydesignstyle.com- fpol

Here are other ideas for thrifty projects. 

Embroidery Hoop Wreath and Ideas to Make them Gifts

DIY thrift store books painted and stamped

Resale store junk updated

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  1. These drill bits are soooo cool!! I love how they look in a vase…who would a known?! I love your blog!!! ?

  2. chris aka monkey says:

    looks awesome…. enjoy your visit i am happy that your son is coming xx

    1. Thank you Debbie! At times I can get a bit too unique. Thank you for stopping by the website! Jeanette

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