Clay vases, ashtrays for non-smokers, and other treasures

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Clay vases main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comWe all have them. They’re stored in a cardboard box with the flaps that are folded over too many times. Or tucked in a drawer wrapped in yellowed newspaper. And there’s those that hit us in the face when we try to raid the fridge in the middle of the night.

What are they?

Clay vases and other treasures

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Childhood School Projects

Clay vases and elementary school images

Those childhood school projects made by loving hands. Over the years…we still can’t bring ourselves to toss them.

Why not bring them out of the bash in box and yellow newspaper and hang them on the fridge! 

I have something horrible to say.

You know the kind of mom that hangs school projects on the fridge?  I wasn’t one.  I would frame some, but most ended up in a scrapbook…er…box.

In fact, the only time I had anything on my fridge door was the magnetic words. Remember those?

Anyway, I got off track.

This is about the school projects like the ashtray, for the parents that didn’t smoke. The painted wood plaque with the “s” backward. Or the delicate clay vases that didn’t hold up during the moves.

My son has a knack for decor. Actually, he’s better than I am.

Clay vases square | Country Design Style |

While he was in elementary school he came home with 3 clay vases.  One has circles created by removing the eraser from a pencil. Another created by rolling up like a newspaper and the top flared open. The small bowl is a snail.  I added faux boxwood greens and moss to the clay vases and bowl.

So, grab those ashtrays, clay vases and sweet drawing and use them in your home decor now.  Fill the ashtray with potpourri.  Add flowers or green to the vases and frame those drawings.

Clay vases | Country Design Style |

As you know, years ago I created home decor items and sold them around the central coast of California, way before blogging.  It was during this time that I had a bright idea involving clay!  I never got around to creating my idea…until now.  On Monday’s post, I will share my idea.  It involves a white clay that air dries.  

Those art treasures, if lost, have only a faint memory left.  Hang onto those memories.

Hope the white clay doesn’t yellow!

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