Chalk Fire

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You find a DIY inspiration and you can wait to create your version.  You grab your supplies like the house is on fire.  Sticking tools in pockets, under the arm, and between the teeth to carry everything to the craft area.

Chalk fire…I was so excited when I saw this I couldn’t stand still!!!

I know I left a trail of chalk dust!!

Chalk Fire

Love this!  Kristen at Sophia’s Decor had her super talented step-dad draw in chalk, fire in her faux mantel.


Why didn’t I think about that when I grabbed the “almost black” paint to paint the “firebox” of my scrap wood mantel.

But it’s never too late. I grabbed a paintbrush and went to work with the chalkboard paint.

Next, I grab my mason jar of chalk {great place to keep chalk} and started drawing.

The Fire

Chalk Fire 1

I have the top decorated with my hometown treasures.  Notice the small mason jar next to the small truck. Chalk!

Chalk Fire 2

Standing back to check my work…little lean…can you tell I’m left-handed?

Chalk Fire 3

I’m not a great chalk artist or artist of any kind, but I like the “cartoonist” quality of the drawing. Notice in this picture I added a bit more detail.

Chalk fire I promise you will not get too hot

When I made the mantel I wanted it to have a depth to the “firebox.”  I wanted the mantel to be as realistic as possible while still cheap and easy to build. You can see the depth in this photo

…along with some chalk dust!

More fire styles

I created a Santa Butt fire.  Yes, you read that right…Santa Butt.

Hot Pumpkin fire.  Strange but fun.

Chalk Fire 5

Here it is in black and white.

Loving black and white photos lately. Maybe due to looking at many old family photos.

Anyway! I got the fire going.  So come & sit with a glass of wine or cup of hot tea and warm up.

What do you think?

A bit strange??

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