Arranging Furniture Tips for Small House Plans

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Is arranging furniture in your small house giving you heartache? I’m going to get you a hand with arranging furniture tips for small house plans.

Arranging Furniture Tips for small house plans

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My small house plans I dream.

When I created the images for this post, I used a floor plan of a small house I would love to build.  It’s a single story with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a small office.  Plus a wrap around porch…all around the house.  I dream in floor plans!

Floor plan tips for small rooms

  • Place the largest piece of furniture first. Center it along the wall.  In a dining room, center the table in the room.
    “Play Big.”  Fewer larger pieces of furniture open up a small room.   Too many small pieces make a room feel smaller.
  • If possible. place dressers or cabinets in closets.Use one large rug to anchor the small room rather than a couple of small rugs.
  • Hang end tables or an entry table on the wall to save visual space.
  • Add interest to a boxy room by pulling out one side of a sofa or bed. Place a floor lamp, faux tree, or small table to add interest to the sofa.
  • Don’t be afraid of trying something different. Move the sofa in the middle of the room to make an entryway.
  • Watch traffic areas. Many sure you’re not walking through conversation areas.
  • When you arrange a room, grab the most important tool…your vacuum. Of course, you can vacuum under furniture. But more important, use the vacuum to space furniture. Make sure you can vacuum between the dresser and the wall. You don’t want to inch that heavy dresser down 2 inches with next time you clean.

Arranging Furniture Tips for small house plans and rooms

Decorating Tips for Small Houses

  • “Play big” with art and decor too. Too many small items make the room busy.
  • Use “uplights” to blow out corners.  This is an old decorating trick, but it still works today.  Dark corners close in a room.  Adding light opens corners.
  • Hang or lean large mirrors on the wall opposite the wall with a window.
  • Pick colors for the room in the same color family.  Blues and greens or reds and pinks.  Not blues and reds.  Of course, all decorating rules can be broken in my book.  I love a crisp white room with small touches of color.
  • In a small home, keep the colors from room to room in the same color family.  Or at least, those you see from other rooms.

Storage in Small Rooms / Small Houses

  • If it’s not used in the room don’t store it in the room.
  • If it’s not used in the house don’t store it in the house.
  • Get rid of extras.
  • Use furniture with storage.
  • Add extra shelves in closets and cabinets.

Arranging Furniture Tips for small house plans

Not sure if I will really build even a small house…sounds like building can give you heartache!

Have you built a house?  Let me know in comments or better yet, tag me on Instagram!

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  1. Hey JEANETTE, Wow those are some great tips on how to organize and fit all out belongings in a small apartment. This would be so helpful for my move into a smaller apartment. Thanks for sharing this great deal of Insights!.

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Great tips! I’ve been living in one bedroom with my oldest daughter and am now moving into my youngest daughter’s efficiency apartment while she begins a new adventure as a yacht stewardess. She has 2 cats! I’m using the same technique I used to “fit” all my necessary furniture into the one bedroom. That is to measure everything and make little graph paper cutouts of each piece of furniture’s footprint. Then I arranged them on a blank sheet of graph paper with the dimensions of the room. If it didn’t fit, it got left out. Then the real challenge came when I discovered I had forgotten about the 1 inch thick crown mounding style baseboards!
    Anyway, I’m glad you posted these tips before I moved my furniture 200+ miles! I’m loving the idea of a crisp white room with pops of color!

    1. Good luck Andi on your move. I can’t believe forgot to mention drawing the floor plan on graph paper! I do that all the time when arranging furniture. I even draw floor plans of homes in my dreams. Thanks for adding the tip for others to see. What an exciting time for your daughter out on the sea.

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