Make a talking dog video

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Do you have a photo or video that you can’t stop watching?  Over and over you take a peek.  Make a talking dog video and you’ll laugh and have to share. 

Emily and Otis Whos Santa

These two have my heart.  Emily, on the left, is two and Otis, on the right is 6 months old.  They are the happiest little dogs I’ve ever met. 


Emily and Otis acting like goats

most of their photos look like this.  They were goats in their first life.  Nose to the ground looking for anything to eat.  We walk on sidewalks a lot!

But I did manage a couple of cute photos.  


Emily and Otis mouths closed

I noticed one of the 23 photos I took had both of their mouths closed.

Perfect for a talking dog video!

I use an app called My Talking Pet.  It’s fun and easy to use.

Go ahead and play it again…

even though it’s after Christmas.

The app is set up for one pet to talk.  So what I did was make several clips using the same photo.  Clips for Emily and clips for Otis.  You can control the pitch of the voice.  Emily sounds a bit older than Otis.  

Next, I edited the clips into one video using iMovie.  

Funny dog video

At this time the app is only for IOS devices.

Bet you want to make one too!  If you do, please let me know in comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram. 

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  1. Oh my friend you know this my favorite! I have it on my IPad and show people all the time! Now that I know how you did it maybe I will figure out before next Christmas lol…kim

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