Homer’s Second Birthday of the Year

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Homer’s second birthday of the year.

Today we celebrate Homer’s “second” birthday for this year.  He will be 5.

On October 24 he will be 10 chronically and I feel so fortunate to care for an older dog.  He’s graying hair down his back and around his face is beautiful.



Wish my gray hair looked as good!

On July 4th five years ago we boarded Homer at a local kennel to move family over the weekend.  He had been boarded at the kennel several times.  He did great, I on the other hand…well let’s just say, I would call every day to check on him…and leave it at that.

Have you ever wanted to stay home from a fabulous vacation because you didn’t want to leave you animals?

My hand’s raised!

On this trip, I knew the fireworks were on Sunday and Homer would be within his large earshot of the action.  We picked up a sedative pill from the vet in hopes he would relax through the noise.

Homer relax???

What was I thinking??  He’s never relaxed.

I have no idea what happen during the night of the fireworks.  Neither does anyone else.  The boarding place was closed on that Sunday.  We had returned home that Sunday afternoon.  I called all afternoon hoping someone would pick up.  I wanted to bring Homer home.  No one answered.

As I heard the fireworks that evening, I stood at the window, trying to telepathy send Homer a message that it was alright.

Monday morning I planned to be at their door before they opened to pick up Homer.  Just as I was walking out the door, the phone rang…

Homer could not stand.

We gathered up Homer into the back of the car and took a hair-raising ride down the mountain to a neurological vet hospital in Phoenix.

He had a 40% chance of surviving surgery and if he did a 50% chance of ever walking again.  They understood if we didn’t want to take the chance.

There was no question…we took the chance!

Five hours of surgery that night and he survived.  At week longer in the hospital and we bought Homer home.  Still unable to walk, I made a sling for Homer.  When I grabbed the sling I would say, “Mama help!”

He weighs 112 pounds!

But I figured only his back legs weight 50 pounds.

For the next several weeks he was only to use his legs with the help of the sling to do his outside business.

We took the top off his crate, placed it on a rug that was turned upside down.  We could slide the crate around the downstairs area on the wood floors, moving him to whatever room we were in.

The mattress from the porch bed was placed by his bed.  For the next month, we took turns sleeping next to him.  He developed a hematoma the size of a football.  Our wonderful local vet drained it in our bathroom.

Six months later Homer was healthy and healed enough to take over the bed on the front porch.


Playing in the snow was again a special time.

Homer now spends his time at home during our vacations with a house sitter and has mellowed.  Even calm and sweet to his new little sister Bella.

But in his younger years….

well, here’s a list!

At 7 months old, he tripped over a rock and broke a toe.  We lived in Scottsdale with a pool in the backyard.  After one visit to cast, he ran into the house and straight to the backyard and fell into the pool.  Five minutes later we walked back to the vet with a wet drippy cast.

We moved to our cabin when he was one.  The cabin needed a few repairs and the crew used 1 1/2 inch construction staples which were scattered on the front porch, Homer’s favorite place in the world!

Yep, he ate them!

They all came out one end or the other during the night.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.  Homer had zinc poisoning.  Many, many pills later, he was onto the next adventure.

Homer ate half a glass of milk.  I guess actually he drank the milk, but he ate half of the glass!

Homer still owes my sister 22 cents.  He ate her change.

At yellow highlighter does come out of white carpet!  I found out with Homer’s help!

One ear is a bit shorter, he had a cyst removed.

We also found out laxatives work incredibly well when taken in bulk.  The plastic bottle was a bit challenging for Homer to open.

He tussled with a group of javelina. {wild pigs,} Fortunately, he won unless you count the smell!

Homer also enjoyed a disposable razor snack, blade and all.  It was a four blade!!

He also developed cancer sores that were removed.  The cancer is a type of blood cancer.  Fingers crossed!

homers last birthday

Meanwhile, today we celebrate his 5th birthday…

with a dog party…

and presents!

It is with a heavy heart as I update Homer’s story.  We lost Homer on August 10, 2016.  I can’t add any more words other than, I love you always, Homer.

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  1. Adorable! We love our dog child, too! LOL! She’s a part of our family, but she’s a terror – she escapes the backyard, all of the time, and chases the neighbor’s cat. But, we love her. Enjoy your sweet dog! They are such joy!

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