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chalkboard-tips-country-design-style-thumbWhat is it about chalkboards?  I remember in grade school getting called up to the chalkboard to figure out a math problem in front of the whole class.


It’s amazing I have such a love for chalkboards now.  Or course I’m not doing math in front of everyone on the internet. 🙂


Now that I’m over the fear of getting called up to the chalkboard I’ll share my chalkboard tips with you.

Chalkboard paint comes in many different forms.  The three basic forms are an oil based premixed color in paint cans, a water based craft type paint in smaller usually plastic bottles, and oil based spray.  Now chalkboard paint comes in many different colors and still the basic green or my favorite black.

I also found a quart oil base that’s white and the paint store mixes in tints to a group of colors.  I bought this without having the tints mixed in and add my own colors with craft paints for small projects.  It worked!

Paint can be applied with rollers or small foam brushes.  I’ve also used a regular o’ paintbrush!  Sometimes I like the rustic look using a brush on projects.

chalkboard-tips-surfaces-country-design-styleAbove is some surfaces that take chalkboard paint.  I use oil based paint with primer on any nonporous surfaces.  So far I’ve painted all the surfaces above except walls and drop cloth.  I will be doing a drop cloth project for outdoors soon.  I would love to paint a wall or room in our cabin with black chalkboard paint!  Actually I really just want a black wall and figure why not chalkboard paint.  I like the soft color of the black.  Plus it would look stunning with our wood trims of the cabin. 🙂

In January I had a fun opportunity to give a demo on chalkboards during a Michaels, Pinterest Hometalk event.  The next pictures are from the post or the event.

Chalkboard TipsPriming the surface help to easily draw and write on the newly painted chalkboard.  Just lay a piece of chalk on it’s side and go back and forth.

You can also paint on top of the chalkboard.  Above is a stencil design.

Antiquing and stencil on top of ChalkboardChalkboard paint can also be sanded back to reveal the wood below or…

think about it…

a painted color underneath!

Wouldn’t turquoise be stunning peeking under the black??

Above I added a little antiquing stain on the sanded edges.

On to the chalk itself.  I just this morning order a chalk pen so I have to give an update on how it works for me.  So far I’ve only used basic chalk!

Chalkboard-transfering-country-design-styleLettering on the chalkboard is the latest rage.  I’ve learned three things while trying to do the fancy lettering.

1. Don’t give up too soon.  It’s only chalk and erases easy.

2. Chalk sharpens.  I bought a larger holed makeup sharpener to sharpen basic chalk.

3. Use water.  I dampen the tip of chalk with a wet paper towel to get a deeper and crisper line.

4. Use cotton swabs for blending and erasing small areas.

5. Print out fancy lettering on color paper.  Then using the prime technique cover the back of the paper with white chalk.  The color paper helps shows white chalk.  Next place the lettering on the chalkboard and use a pencil to outline the lettering.  This transfers the lettering on the chalkboard and you can simply fill in where needed.

6. Most important, embrace your own handwriting!  I love finding something with my grandma shaky handwriting.  It’s beautiful to me.  I promise, writing “I love you” on a chalkboard with matter more than fancy lettering.

Unique ways to use a chalkboard.

Chalk Fire FPIn place of an actual fire.  What about a complete mantel done with chalk!  That would be cool!

12 Days of Christmas Home Tour FPReplace the glass from a vintage window with chalkboard.

Sailboats for the Mantle CDSPaint fabric for a little sailboat!

Add chalkboard to a vintage frame, paint a door with chalkboard paint, banners, drop cloth table runner, chalkboard clipboard or….thousands of ideas…

Santas chalky chunky butt2I’ve only use color chalk on the above drawing in our fireplace for Christmas.  I learned to smooth the chalkiness of the colors, top with white chalk.

Now that we have our masterpieces…

let’s erase!

Chalkboard-eraser-with-wooden-backs-country-design-styleIn my opinion chalkboard erasers have a way to go.  I ordered some online and they are so plain and basic.  So I fancied them up a bit.  You can read how at chalkboard erasers.

Need a collection of chalkboard tips?  Here's what I've learned about chalkboard and more.  Country Design Style

My disclaimer:  I have not received any product or compensation from any companies pictured or mentioned.  Any products used were purchased for use in our home or to share tips with you.

Share your project!

I have a new feature on Country Design Style, share your project!  If you’ve made a chalkboard masterpiece or any project you would like to share with CDS readers, simply click on the “share your project” along the right side and complete the form.   You can add up to 3 photos of your project.  I will be doing posts of readers projects to share.

Have you done a project lately??  Been asked up to the chalkboard for a math problem lately??

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  1. Thank you for your comments. I think I will try a light sanding and repainting with a paintbrush, when I have finished a dress alteration, wedding gown alteration, son’s wedding quilt, etc etc etc!!! Life sure is busy! Thank you for taking the time to answer!

  2. I have had trouble with the paint being very rough, it seems to have little bumps all over it. I used a foam roller and am wondering if a paintbrush would have done better. I’m also thinking of lightly sanding the old repainted chalkboard. Any ideas?

    1. Good Morning Margaret!
      If your paint is rough you can sand between coats to remove any bumps or brush marks. Sometimes using a foam roller if the paint is old or thick the paint may lift a bit as the roller moves off the surface. Paint even chalk paint can react differently if the humidity is high, or the temperature is cold, or the sky is not the right shade of blue! {just kidding!} But sanding and wiping the surface between coats should work even with older chalkboard boards. I have repainted several chalkboard. Over time the chalkboard paint wears just like any paint. Let me know how your chalkboard turns out! ~Jeanette

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